Emeli Sande is the ''best'' artist Wyclef Jean has ever worked with.

The 29-year-old singer and songwriter has been praised for ''incredible'' melody schemes and for penning great lyrics by the 47-year-old artist, who has hinted he is a huge fan of Emeli and has been for while.

Speaking to XXL Magazine, Wyclef - who has been joined by Emeli on the new track 'Carnival Vol. III: Road to Clefication' - said: ''Emeli Sande is one of my favourite singers in the world. I stalked Emeli Sande. We started actually working at Puffy's studio, Bad Boy and then after that we went to my studio.

''I think John Lennon had 'Imagine' and I think Wyclef and Emeli Sande got 'Carry On'.

''Emeli as a writer is one of the best I've ever worked with hands down. And trading bars and trading rhymes was amazing. Her melody schemes are just incredible.''

Meanwhile, the 'Ready Or Not' hitmaker believes the former US President Barack Obama is ''owed'' praise for making hip-hop music what it is.

He said: ''I think that hip-hop owes Obama gratitude. Like I said, certain things we would do, because of Obama, we wouldn't do them anymore because we owe him that gratitude.''