Emeli Sande has gone Instagram official with her new boyfriend.

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker took to social media to show off her partner, rapper Jonathan Kabamba, who she branded her ''king''.

Alongside a picture of the couple, she wrote: ''My Love, my King. Thank you for all the light, strength and joy you have brought into my life. I feel capable of anything with you by my side. Righteous Kabamba (sic)''

Back in September 2019, Emeli revealed she is on the lookout for love.

The 32-year-old musician shared: ''These days, I really am enjoying being single. It's a whole new world - it's very interesting.

''It's been such a serious thing in my life for so long, so now I'm like, 'Let's just have fun' and understand the man world a bit deeper. It's a world I've never really explored. I'm still getting my head round it. All of the dates have been pretty fun. I think I really want to go indoor skiing for a date. That's on the to-do list. If you are meeting new people, especially at a point in your life where you understand and respect yourself, you don't have to go by the rules.''

Emeli ''doubted'' whether she should continue as a musician while battling anxiety and depression after she split from husband Adam Gouraguine in 2013.

She explained: ''I doubted whether I wanted to continue being a musician. I questioned whether people wanted to hear me, because people were saying I was on TV too much. People said I was overexposed, and then I thought, 'Maybe I don't have a place in this music industry, and if people don't want to hear it, what shall I do?' I was going through my separation, and really trying to get my head around the industry and where I sat in it.''