Sir Elton John wants Britney Spears to make more music.

The 75-year-old pop icon teamed up with fellow performing legend Britney, 40, to release a single titled 'Hold Me Closer' early this year in what became her first release since 2016 and hopes that their duet will allow her to find the "courage" to release more records, according to his husband David Furnish.

David said: "She was quite specific about what she liked, what she wanted, and how she wanted it to sound. And she gave terrific notes. She's very much in control and embracing her destiny, which is exactly what you want. Elton's hope is that she will get the courage now to deepen into music more. I think it's really scary when you're away from something for a very long time. It's quite daunting, and so he hopes this is the step and a baby step onto a path that sees her out doing great records again and maybe even performing."

However, David - who has been married to the 'Candle in the Wind' singer since 2014 and has sons Zahary, 11, and nine-year-old Elijah with him - added that they have not had the chance to celebrate with Britney since 'Hold Me Closer' became her first Top 10 in over a decade but is "looking forward" to having a get together with the 'Oops!... I Did it Again' hitmaker.

He told ETOnline: "We haven't been able to celebrate with Britney 'cause she's been in America and we haven't come to that side of America yet, but when we get to the West Coast we're really looking forward to getting together."