Sir Elton John and David Furnish are backing a new anti-racist movement in the music industry.

The 73-year-old singer and his 57-year-old husband are among over 700 people who have signed the #NoSilenceInMusic letter, which aims to ''eradicate all forms of racism and hatred against people'' in the industry and society at large.

He tweeted: ''David and I are proud to be among the 700+ signatories of the #NoSilenceInMusic letter. There is no room for any kind of prejudice in music, or in society as a whole.

''We must be united to eradicate all forms of racism and hatred against people because of who they are, or what they believe in. Music is a place for spreading joy.''

Elton also shared a link to the letter on, where it has been posted in its entirety.

The letter states: ''We, representatives from the music industry, write to demonstrate and express our determination, that love, unity and friendship, not division and hatred, must and will always be our common cause.

''In recent months through a series of events and incidents, the anti-black racists and antisemites, plus those who advocate islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia, have repeatedly demonstrated that they clearly want us all to fail. Whether it be systemic racism and racial inequality highlighted by continued police brutality in America or anti-Jewish racism promulgated through online attacks, the result is the same: suspicion, hatred and division. We are at our worst when we attack one another.

''Minorities from all backgrounds and faiths have struggled and suffered. From slavery to the Holocaust we have painful collective memories. All forms of racism have the same roots - ignorance, lack of education and scapegoating. We, the British music industry are proudly uniting to amplify our voices, to take responsibility, to speak out and stand together in solidarity. Silence is not an option

''There is a global love for music, irrespective of race, religion, sexuality and gender. Music brings joy and hope and connects us all. Through music, education and empathy we can find unity. We stand together, to educate and wipe out racism now and for our future generations.''

Those who have signed the letter include James Blunt, Niall Horan, Mabel, all four members of Little Mix, Naughty Boy and Nile Rodgers.