Sir Elton John has a candle room.

The 'Candle in the Wind' singer - who lives in a lavish mansion in the US with his husband David Furnish - adores the mood lightings so much, he has an entire cupboard filled with them for him to use whenever he wants.

McFly singer Danny Jones, who recently visited the music legend's house with his bandmates, revealed: "My favourite part was his candle room - it was like a big cupboard thing - and he had candles in every room, and it smelled amazing. So clean!"

While he clearly loves candles, Elton also collects vases, and has so many there is hardly a clear surface in his entire home.

Danny explained: "His place is full of art, it's like a museum. Vases! He collects vases and there's not enough room on the table to put your drink down."

Danny's bandmate Dougie Poynter - who also appears in the band alongside Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher - had a great time looking around the lavish home, but was terrified he'd end up breaking something.

He told Attitude magazine: "He had a statue that was from 200 BC or something, you know, the really old Greek-style things? The people from 'The Lion King' bought one to say thank you for all the songs. I could quite easily just have knocked it over."