Sir Elton John says reality TV stars are the people of nightmares.

The 66-year-old singer - who has previously slammed these kinds of programmes - says these shows contain people who long to be ''successful'' but are hated by the public.

Speaking on BBC World satellite radio, Elton said: ''With reality television, you get all these nightmare people who want to be successful, when you really want them to be assassinated.''

The 'Home Again' hitmaker - whose 31st studio album 'The Diving Board' deals stars finding fame young - thinks there are people who would are desperate for fame would ''do anything'' to be in the limelight.

Quizzed on his new album, he said: ''It's about someone who's attracted to fame no matter what.

''They want fame whatever the consequences, and they'll do anything to get there.''

Elton claims 27-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan - who has been in and out of rehab to combat substance abuse problems - has great potential and is extremely talented but claims she was a ''victim of success''.

He added: ''Lindsay Lohan, unfortunately, who had a great career as an actress and as a recording artist, she had a hit album...

''Suddenly, everything has fallen to bits because of the drugs. Her parents were a nightmare.

''She has become a victim of success and she wants success, no matter how much (it costs).''