Sir Elton John cooked burgers for his fellow Live Aid performers.

The 'Rocket Man' hitmaker wanted to ensure he got food he liked when he played at the legendary London charity concert in 1985 and was seen backstage manning the barbecue and serving his fellow stars.

Reporter Spencer Bright, who was at the show, said: ''Elton John liked his creature comforts and sent his own mobile- home to change in. Just in case the catering wasn't up to scratch, he brought his own grill and was seen flipping burgers for David Bowie and Freddie Mercury.''

Despite the vast number of global superstars named on the bill, there were just six dressing rooms available, which each act only had access to for a limited amount of time.

Spencer added to the Daily Mail newspaper: ''The dressing rooms were not quite what most stars were used to -- six shabby mobile cabins with peeling lino and doors that didn't lock. A hand-written timetable pinned on each door gave the names of the artists and the times they were allowed in -- half an hour before and half an hour after their sets.''

Elton arrived at Wembley Stadium in presenter Noel Edmonds' helicopter with a host of other stars - but took care when getting out of the aircraft in case his hairpiece was ''whisked away''.

Spencer revealed: ''Noel Edmonds piloted some stars to Wembley in his own helicopter.

''He was warned that when he landed the rotors had to completely stop before Elton John disembarked, in case the down-draught whisked away the singer's toupee.''