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Part of life, Hi dear, Howdy, I am was a cowgirl, a real cowboy from Sundown, Manitoba. I hate when someone else hits on my boyfriend, don't you? I only thought of as normally as any Sundown cowgirl would, being hit with a 22 rifle real bullets in there to use me? stop him from shooting me, what the hell is ugly filth want , guiess what>? rape me for while. Its not the kind of relationship anyone would want. Maybe you want him, that Clarence for a boyfriend, Just another couple of minutes he's yours Elton. will it was like this, I really was taken for use, University studies kept my mind on book reading. YOGA, Squash games with sister was nice, I was very atheltic, but cow herding thats my love, walking the cows back to the barn, I'm sorry if I ever bothered you, I'm not the retard here, clarence is. I was being begged to feed a starving old man, 10 years older than me. thats over with in 1987, he was Margarets husband and Elsie's husband all alone, and Sheila's drivibng my 87 hyaundai, I told not , tasha go get it, 300 dollars I paid for it on the advise of Andy Katcharowski and hie's got a wife., kids, my car was tolen, he robbed me. Now I was alaone, argueing with him from my daddys cabin for a while, he said boof to my ears, capow to my ears, threatened to kill me, my brotherinlaw came to help Eugene Yusafawich (now thats a man), he was killed from a vehicle accident on the highway (don't know) in 1986 or so. I just wanted Elton to know this ongoing assualting me from STe. adolphe on 204 gagnon avenue, and dudley street 751 wehre I found he was hiding my kids , my daughter called me with a letter I went there in 2004, found her. him and another man were standing in the yard when I went there with the police to find my kids Ty andTAsha , the police said there in the next door house, no one could find them until I found her in ste. adolphe, isn't that enough I'm running after them, I walked with ty, and told him to come over, they hired a tresspasser to kill me with unwanted unwants, they are very very murderer type, don't think they're not. I'm their money in ste. adolphe, I gave him the job. he had nothing, Ontario Kenora somwhere around there he was from. I am not for the old beggar. he has to leave me alone, he didn't. I don't know him for over 20 years, he can't hide behind a pretend anything, Ohio did yiou see the news there? thats clarence types, a whore is his to his liking. I don't want him I told him from the beginning, I didn't know there was police to go. its over my life is for sewing, jogging, riding a bike, driving a motorcycle. going to work in an office orthodontist nurse, yet, what the hell don't you think all liars should be punsihed. after all he's hurt my children. using me to degrade me in an worked home. I made the house, I bought the old house, I evicted every tresspasser. I am the idea. they ran off with my children stealing them. Don't you think thats bad for my kids? I'm sorry Elton that I may seem rude or anything, but really I am not, couldn't be, but sure as hell, I wont be the dead end street. dead. its my own money, used me. I'm sending you a good bye if you want me to leave you. I 'll always love you, I'll always admire you, and adore you, I don't know who you have, but Donkeys are four legged and they can save people. the two legged kind they should be in another town. I am a farmer. I wanted to be your girlfriend. so so long dear, I love you, I have to go, I remain alone for 38 years no sex I counted my days, unmarried without marriage, a couple of children are born to me a lady. they all have to know I have children. thanks be to the boy next door he said he thinks tasha and ty have no children. they're for my home. I'm feeling better, my arms will heal, I"m going uptown, to the bank, those liars are all disgusting, filth, gagnsters activities towars me a sundown family. see you later, I'm coming for one more concert

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by theresa krasnuik

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Living without yu, thats easy to say, but when I was walking in the rain, no one thinks about anything but getting back home, thats nice everything going good for you, dear. hope you're happy. I seen you playing the chess on the photograph in the magazine, remember this, that coming from me, Elson, is saying this, please don't allow anyone to be in any sinful ways around you in the way of being in the way of your private ways of being in the way around you that is, is there anything in your way dear? I dont' think that everybody can move on in the world. without love?, dear, Elton honey, bunches of good ness, come from a woman's desires, but a man has desires, of the nature of worldly humankindness. I hope to God I know to God that that doesn't exist that anyone could be in your bed that you know, that there's nothing there and nothings going on. I was on the bus to the concert yesterday without a ticket, my money gone to the ( because of the abuse I went through, I 'm behind, things, wanting a ticket but could get around to it, I have to pay for my vehicle, so anyhow I saw them sing, in [email protected] was singing, so nice, its 50,000 people, there was so many people, how a whore from Toronto , how can this be, get into the prostituteion ring of being at the gates, saying to me, move on, I was watching up close on the gate side, EST293 she reports to her whoredome cop, in a black, truck, he's driving around, course he'ld drive me over in any chance, pulling his wheels infront of my body, a whore, not a cop, disgusting dirty people around, this shit exists, in my own at the polo park football stadium where I used to go in my younger days to the circus shows, and football games, what does it matter if you go in? who'ld be the wiser? what in hell didn't I enjoy in life? anyhow she's 600 more to love as the old saying goes from the whores in the hells angels, so there, what a day, what a night, I backed away, went to the other side of the barf, wtched it from there, on the black side of the fence. he was singing so nice, microphone, what time is it? I remember this, that the time is was about in Shevchenko, was there a time called a game wolf? what time is it Mr. wolf.? how much fun it was to watch him Bono, sing, I thought later in the end my brother Russell was in the concert, so I asked his son today, funny isn't it? how time is for us, here in winnipeg, not for toronto, our time, my time, this is Winnipeg time, not toronto time, whoredome, fucken nerves, anyhows, Its awesome to see him comeing ah, singing, God it was attractive, nice really sexy, it was gorgeous, I was watching, it, I would have liked to see it up close in the front row. yeah, us winnipegers, are beaten to hell, but God almight, what on earth is really going on? my brothers orange van was put on the Main street his VW, cool, I thought thats got to be my brother in the band, so anyhow, I told Hunter I used to drive a green Volkswagon, 67, poor dear, now, he's been in an accident, I felt bad, told him to wear his cowboy, hat, on the snowmobile, he got hurt, ( want to hear something, the bad is where I'm not) he's a good boy, like his dad. my brother was loved normally by me, like wow! I really had a good life on the farm, good time, working logging, cattleranching, I repeat too much dont' I? but my kids didn't show up still till now? what kind of people is that? we don't need whores in the police cars raping woman and children, why don't they be of the we don't need them, don't show up, why are they sticking their noses, in, they really can't thats all wrong. AEC320, there, FDG538 a bus all lined up in a row on the aveue, weird, i thought, DUE 85, ENB674 wants to kill a boy int he back seat of a car, beating his head around, thats not a policeman, I gotta see this, NO! they can't do that! hit a man kid, and push him around pull him out, put in him, and then push him around in the grey car, I'm sick to my stomach, but I'm not, weirdo,s' homosexuals ah, have to be killed in the arrested car of ENB674 two thugsters, need to go to jail, not be police, the other police a mentally retarded they'll are all retarded, a girl, from manitoba, was picked up, and taken out, we are manitboban,s if that was my concert,I wouldn't let that happend, why get killed for enjoyment of going out on the night to see someone sing? thats wrong to do that to a girl, too. I was waiting for my kids, they weren't around, clarence needs to be hung in prison, how do you like that? how do you like that anaology of homosexuals in the wrong place at the right my time.? ENB674, EXW215 DUE358 or 2, BFC719 FLW776 bus, AEc14, FRF463 DER513 all dirty people, who needs 10 police cars? and 4 ambulances on a concert? what for? don't they call them when they need that service? no one needs them, reading the paper this morning too, a police need to earn the respect of the people, he's coming here for our food, farmers, food, our food, my work, my love, my work, ways, eh, well how about he goes to where he came from? hes'a arresting a drunkerd woman, she's being raped he's raped her in the newspaper, thats not being people, thats abusing the power of the unecessary voice of the he can't do that, and can't be there, so why is he bothering anyone, why dont' they leave people alone, without who, what when where why, we are here first. they cannot come here, steal the grounds, and put whores, from Toronto, there, any Saskatchewn, or ontario, or anywhere, we are here first, thats so dirty, and illegally discriminating, that elton I'm sorry, but boy thats sure dirty goings on, when on such a beautiful night, I 'ld like to have enjoyed my 79 gmc, 88 toyota, and drive my kids to and fro, back home to the house in zhoda, tasha, cowboys, are going through this, he's making some words to the new cadets, that daryle was standing there, ya vedkazula, abba he handled himself, good, and walked away, could be arrested someone said, on the bike, we were watching, I thought that the screen was big and watching that, pop out eyes, no wonder my eye is sore, how disgusitn, isn't it? a local farmer, with vegetables, produce, product, logging rig, past, how dare nay nay now, anyone touch a man to a man, or a woman is dead, if she is going the wrong way, they should be dead in prison, don't anyone dare touch elton john, I think , No that can't be that gossip, so I don't bother but I call my children all the time, no answer, I came back on the bus, walked back two blocks to the hotel, ya, I was tired, but the limosines nights, and hollywood, nights, I was rich already before, why the eeek, eh hell us to hell ? we're bat out of hell Ty is. writing on the paper, songs from my meatloaf, while ma is cooking in the house, elton dear, where does meatloaf come from? I packed it altogether, eggs, meat, deer, crackers, I crushed, making a loafpan of it, tasty hu, its good, I have to cook for the kids, and mushrooms, yi yi yi, good stuff, I am a homemaker, not a we are not ever to go through that again, especially I am a crowd people, we all love that U2 music, I was thinking that night, too, strawberry fields, in your concert, how come your prostitute, whats a surgerette? is that sugar in my coffee? is there another woman? someone said you have a baby, you say you have a boy, where does it come from? I'm confused about that, I too could have a baby, dear, I hope you have decided what you are doing, cuz life is for living, thats for sure, but everybody on earth has to live like this, man to a woman, all others dead, behind the jail dead, Orthodox and every church rules, otherwise every body else is apes', unmankind, and unhuman . get real real world, life moves on. we are man to a woman, woman to a man. clarence is a homosexual, he's sick in his Gordon procuik love, poor assholes, they need to be living where the sun don't shine. like sonia used to say, tell them to go where the sun don't shine, sophia was mentioned last night, by Bono, mydenuiks, are really nice people, like our best neighbours, like us, boy it was so respectful the concert itself, bono even has the wagon wheel of the John s' or anyones' could be the wagon trail days, of the first pioneers, and the 3links coffee, h'e so darn respectful! I love it! it did have an Elvis ending, that was cuter than pie, awesome to watch, but we really deserve to be in the front row. a kid came into the restaurant I was buying coffee at mcdonalds near where I went to check on my bike, its being ready soon, he said the ticket he bought cost 200 dollars, what nice, eh, I can't afford that, right now, how come everybody pays alimony and clarence doesn't? there is a murderer plot on me, here in manitoba. thats illegal. I have sole custody, I want everybody to know, and there's nothing wrong with cowboy , here. boy what fucken asshole. I never in my life seen such a bears' mind, oh I gotta tell you this, I was talking to a two dogs, the other nights, 4 legged animals, they were standing on the front of the truck, I told them in Ukrainain, they weren't people who are doing that to me, my God knows that I'm normal, and people aren't people, but a dog understand me better, and listens, more. the devil is clarence, get it straight everbody, thats not human, to undo, what I have been the only one to make that, home and bought the land and I didn't need anyone to torture me to death over it. I think that you don't want me to bother you, but why Not? why can't I meet sir elton john, not like its the end of the world, but out of ordinary admiration of soap and water, days, in a basin, I hope you don't mind, God bless everybody, alright, but how can a man do you call that a man, to steal my trucks, ransack my house, use dirty rcmp rob coran, is crazy loonatic, I reported the whoredome in steinbach, too, they're crazy people there from nova scotia. how dare they. I' ll pray , you too pray honey, that they get destroyed, everybody pray, pray hard for the bad people to be get rid of, not us, I'm a Sundown Cowgirl, I worked for a living, not like the lazy whoresuniformed wrong man in the wrong job, thats not a people ways and not for public, in the police car, my daddy was a policeman, saying to me, when I was 6 years old or 5, years old, they're dirty business. thats no good dad, to help the apeman, arrive. see the tornado, in Missippi, and JOpan, god I hope I know I'm not supposed to, but I'm not hope of, they use people. 20 years ago gone, they have bad people in the hotel, but I avoid them, sorry if I bother you, dear elton. tola. is a good name from the bible.sure as hell I'm not going to get killed over anything, and too, neither is the past cannot be changed, but God did save my life, and my life is to say, that in return, they shouldn't be alive, thats justice. The End. Love you Darling. I really do, for you, know you'll understand,I remain alone, that they are very bad to me in my own hometown, God really needs to look seriously into this. do not listen to them. thanks for listening, I hope you get this message to Elton. God bless you, take care, there's plenty to do in life, we dont' need sin. I dont' sin, I seen two little kids get baptised in church on sunday, between the years, and thanks for redoing the song of the gaga, making it ukrainain singing, that long song in one album, skipping, alone, I wasn't too old, I am getting ready to go home, taking my time to do stuff I have to do, my leg it was bothering me, I had to watch it like crazy,. trying to get thinner, for you dear. oh yeah, and the video was old cars, in the show, how come we can't go to a show, you know what? we should have gotten together and gotten to know each other, I do understand your life. I really do the mopping and cleaning, and dishwashing, If I know what is going, on, its only have to be good.I( was the one to deserve the date with you. bye for now. take care, be safe, and I'm too nice to fuss about anything,

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by theresa krasnuik

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My mother was a young girl with Elthon's mother and has a photo of her in swimsuit on a Sunday school trip to the beach. Any interest ?

Posted 13 years 3 months ago by Howard

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I was so bummed that I couldn't go to the show at Gillete but thanks to Boston Music Spotlight's great review I felt like I was there! If you missed the show you should definitely check out the review here:bostonmusicspotlight.com/article.php?id=2391

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by alexwendle

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was there any doubt that sir elton would extend himself to others???Sure hope emmmiem* is donating to ejaf!!!

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by njmralo

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The concert of a lifetime, Elton John playing in the Nickel Mining Capitol of Sudbury Ontario. We commoners recently learned that members of our city council were given the opportunity to buy more than a hundred tickets to his precious appearance in our little city. Many of us (the papers have been reporting extensively), were not able to get tickets despite freezing in line or being online for hours trapped in a "virtual waiting room". Our Mayor says this preferential treatment is common practice in other cities. Pity.

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by MoniqueJones

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To vanillaep:I have several websites completed that may assist.although i have made requested to several charities for permission to be placed on them to raise funds for their charities. to date no response has beenforthcoming. if you would like to be listed exclusively on one of them, let me knowcelestialproductionsinc on hotmailThank you in advance for your time and consideration.sinerely, starr marlo

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by njmralo

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE!Definition of a consamite* artist, outrageous get ups, songs, first time i saw u was in central park.awesome!!!! everyone was dancing however, this four foot tall fan who weighed 98 lb soaking wet, thought I was going to be smooched! I wouldnt have missed even one of your performances.deinition of a consumate* performer: elton john

Posted 15 years 12 months ago by njmralo

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Dear SIRELTONJOHNS i think you should check out a guitar player known as JOE MAVETY,I'd swear he is Jimmi's double,WWW.JOEMAVETY.COMIt would be a blast to see yous linked up ,,,Seing is believing as my tougue draged itself across the floor after seeing this man play,yours truly the Berl ,I'M NOT REALLY A LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE NOW SIR. Take Care.

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by BERL AS DEAD IN TIME


Last day to bid for Elton John ties being auctioned on e-bay for the charity Cancer Vaccine Institute. Just go to e-bay and type in Elton John ties into the search box and you will find the link. Good luck!

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by suepayne

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We have two Elton John ties available on ebay for Cancer Vaccine Institute (Registered Charity No: 1080343). The 100% silk ties were donated to the CVI by a supporter who bought them at Sir Elton John’s “Out of the Closet” clothing sale held in London in November 1997 for his AIDS Foundation. One is from Italy and the other from Japan. Just go to ebay and enter Elton John ties in the search box. All funds raised will help the CVI in their efforts to find, develop and offer patients a better treatment for cancer through vaccines to increase survival rates and improve quality of life. For further information about the CVI please visit www.cancervaccine.org.uk

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by suepayne

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Sir Elton John, I am looking for people to sponsor me with a donation for an Aids Walk on Sept 30, 2006 in Dover, NJ 07801 Sponored by THE HOPE HOUSE Trying to raise funds for this program to serve clients in the community. This donation is Tax deductable. Sure could use help. It would be greatly appreciate. Make check out to HOPE HOUSE 19-21 Belmont Avenue Dover, NJ 07801 www.hopehousenj.org. Please Ref. my name Peggy FlattSincerely, Peggy

Posted 16 years 6 months ago by vanillep

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