It has been over a month since Kevin Clash's first confused accuser came forward to sue the voice of Elmo for sex with an under age boy. Since then another three people have also sued Clash. The fourth accuser's suit has filed a suit, made public knowledge today, under the name John Doe (either that's a pseudonym or his parents have an interesting sense of humour). This is the third lawsuit still in action as the first accuser agreed to a financial deal and chose not to further the litigation. 

The details of Doe's case, according to TMZ, state that "he's suffered tremendous emotional, mental and psychological damage as a result of the relationship." Doe's lawyer, Jeff Herman (who is also representing two of the other accusers) has also said that: "According to our lawsuit, Kevin Clash knowingly paid to transport a minor across state lines for the purpose of satisfying his sexual interests." Apparently, this took place in the mid to late '90s when the victim was 16-17, and Clash in his 30s.

The suit claims that Clash and Doe met in Miami in 1996, struck up a relationship and spent a lot of time on the phone before Clash offered to pay for a flight to New York. Doe then stayed at Clash's home for four days, according to CBS. Clash has already resigned from Sesame Street where he was a creative executive producer and the voice and puppeteer of the beloved character Elmo.

Sesame Street has stood behind Clash and also come under a lot of criticism for the scandal, but let's remind ourselves of all the good that the show has done for children for many, many years: