Ellie Goulding feels ''overlooked in the fashion world'' because of her toned figure.

The 33-year-old star has opened up on the criticism she has faced for her ''athleticism and appearance'', and she dismissed the naysayers in a passion social media post.

On her Instagram Stories, Ellie wrote: ''I've definitely been criticised by men and women for my athleticism and appearance because it challenges femininity and how I'm 'supposed to look' in this industry

''I honestly feel I have been overlooked in the fashion world for this reason but I will keep pushing female strength as the ultimate super power. Which it is (sic)''

The 'Lights' hitmaker's comments come after she discussed how her exercise regime has benefited her own mental health.

She said: ''Nothing I do in the gym is for vanity. To me it isn't intimidating or scary to be strong (in fact anyone who has met me knows I am the most pathetically shy and self deprecating person)

''When posting gym photos, I only ever wanted to show that with all the things I've overcome, keeping fit and strong has been my ultimate escape. (sic)''

Meanwhile, she urged her followers not to be put off by their ''athletic ability'', and admitted sometimes she skips a day simply because she doesn't feel like it.

She added: ''I have no extraordinary athletic ability and I was crap at sports as a kid (I was so severely asthmatic I could barely even laugh without a coughing fit) but I've pushed myself and used all the willpower I can muster to keep at it.

''As hard as it is to stay motivated, especially right now, I still recommend it passionately for any mental health issues you are facing... even a small walk or jog. Ps - I didn't do any exercise today because I didn't want to! Might not tomorrow either. Love to all the strong women out there and to those just getting started- I am with you (sic).''