Ellie Goulding's mother is ''very, very upset'' by the singer's claims she ''threatened'' her.

The 'Starry Eyed' hitmaker has a difficult relationship with her mum Tracey and recently admitted she hasn't seen her since she wed Caspar Jopling a year ago and though she'd like to be open about their problems, she claimed she's too worried about the repercussions.

But Tracey insisted she had no idea why Ellie would make such claims.

She told MailOnline: ''It's very, very upsetting. I don't know what to say. I am not that type of person.

''I really, really don't know what she is referring to and where the word threatening has come from.

''I don't know what she is talking about. I don't think Ellie has ever spoken about me in the press so I don't know what I could become threatening about.

''I think it must have been twisted or taken out of context because I have not got a threatening bone in my body.''

Tracey said she received flowers from Ellie earlier this week to mark her birthday, but the 33-year-old star had offered no explanation for her comments.

She said: ''She is rather busy with her album and this is the last thing on her mind.

''I think [Ellie] knows she can rely on me not to say anything, she's my daughter. I have three other children, we're a happy family. It's just ridiculous.

''I put a brave face on and I am smiling now but quite frankly I am deeply hurt.

''My other children have said to me, 'Oh my god, what the hell'. It is not nice to see your family all over the papers.''

While Tracey confirmed she hadn't seen her daughter for several months, she insisted it wasn't a deliberate snub.

She said: ''I have not seen her for almost a year but I would not read much into that. She has been very busy, we live in different parts of the country and we've had the lockdown.

''I have two grandchildren and I do my best to see them and share my time between them. I haven't seen my son either and he lives in London but no-one is writing about that. I sent her flowers when she completed her album.''

And the mother-of-four has been left ''shaking like a leaf'' when she has to leave the house because she's been receiving ''abusive messages'' following Ellie's interview with The Independent.

She said: ''Some people had again managed to reach my inbox with abusive messages. It was horrible. All families have problems but because she is in the limelight anything she says is magnified ten times.

''But we are a happy, loving family and to see us misrepresented like this is very hurtful. I went shopping at Sainsbury's and I was shaking like a leaf.''

The 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker had insisted talking about her family situation had previously been a ''disaster'' and admitted she'd sought therapy because she didn't think her problems with her mother could be overcome.

She said: ''It's frustrating because I really want to talk to you about it. But she became quite threatening when I did talk about her in the press. Discussing her was a disaster.

''I haven't seen my mother since my wedding last year...

''I've done a lot of therapy about it because what I thought was fixable isn't fixable...

''I hope one day I'll be able to get this off my chest. But for now I know it comes bubbling through my subconscious, through my music.''