Ellie Goulding is feeling ''broody''.

The 'On My Mind' singer has revealed she's eager to settle down with her McBusted boyfriend Dougie Poynter and has discussed having kids with him after her sister had an ''adorable'' kid.

She explained: ''My sister has a baby five months ago and she's the most adorable kid. She is gorgeous and I'm not just saying that. Having a baby is so life affirming and such a beautiful thing.

''And I'm nearly 30. I'm not a teenager any more so yes, I'm broody. Dougie and I do talk about babies, it's natural I suppose. We talk without it being weird.''

The 28-year-old star hinted they aren't planning to have a child together any time soon though as she's so busy, meaning she doesn't even have a day off to tie the knot.

Asked if they're going to get married, she said: ''I just don't know. My next two years in my diary are already filled up with touring. I haven't even got time for a wedding day.''

But she insisted the 27-year-old hunk - who has previously battled depression and went to rehab for alcohol and substance abuse in 2011 - has eased her own worries about her appearance.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I've had the same problems that a lot of women have, but mine have been out there in public. We all get insecure, tired and stressed and we all have self-doubt.

''But it's good to find someone who loves you the way you are and understands my job and what comes with it. Dougie is just a very calming person.

''He's been through a lot and is a pretty incredible person.''