British pop star Ellie Goulding has announced her engagement to her boyfriend of 18 months, Caspar Jopling, in a low-key but stylish entry in The Times.

No huge Instagram reveals for the Herefordshire-born singer, 31, as her family placed a notification in The Times’ Births, Deaths and Marriages section on Tuesday morning (August 7th). It would have been perfectly easy to miss it, as Ellie is referred to as “Miss E.J. Goulding” and “Elena, daughter of Mr Arthur Goulding of Herefordshire and Mrs Tracey Sumner of West Midlands”.

Unless you move in Northern English high society circles, however, you’re unlikely to have heard of Ellie’s new fiancé. So, here’s a very brief profile to answer the question: Casper Jopling, who he?

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He’s the son of an extremely wealthy landowner in Yorkshire, attended Eton and also went to Harvard, studying the History of Art and Architecture.

He currently lives in New York City, and is an art dealer at Sotheby’s. This kind of work is in his blood, clearly, as his (much) older brother is celebrated art dealer and gallery owner Jay Jopling.

Caspar is also loosely connected to the Royal Family, with Princess Eugenie occasionally cropping up on his Instagram feed. It seems likely that this was how he and Ellie met, as she was pretty tight with the Royal Family at one point when she briefly dated Prince Harry.

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Goulding, who has also previously dated EDM producer Skrillex and McFly drummer Dougie Poynter, told The Guardian in 2017: “I thought for a long time that I could never really take the time to nurture a relationship because I’m never around.”

“I haven’t been touring for the past year, so I think this is the first time I’ve realised what it’s like to be in a relationship and learn to be with someone. It also helps when you find someone who is very special and understands your job.”

Goulding’s last studio album, Delirium, was released back in November 2015, with the accompanying world tour lasting until roughly this time last year.

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