Ellie Goulding has displayed her muscular physique in a new selfie.

The 33-year-old singer/songwriter shared a home gym picture on Instagram, in which she proudly showed off her muscular arms and washboard abs as she revealed how exercise has helped her mental health.

Ellie wrote: ''There aren't many muscular women in popular culture*

''Nothing I do in the gym is for vanity. To me it isn't intimidating or scary to be strong (in fact anyone who has met me knows I am the most pathetically shy and self deprecating person) When posting gym photos, I only ever wanted to show that with all the things I've overcome, keeping fit and strong has been my ultimate escape. I have no extraordinary athletic ability and I was crap at sports as a kid (I was so severely asthmatic I could barely even laugh without a coughing fit) but I've pushed myself and used all the willpower I can muster to keep at it.

''As hard as it is to stay motivated, especially right now, I still recommend it passionately for any mental health issues you are facing... even a small walk or jog. Ps - I didn't do any exercise today because I didn't want to! Might not tomorrow either. Love to all the strong women out there and to those just getting started- I am with you (sic).''

Meanwhile, Ellie previously revealed she relies on regular exercise and literature to help fight her mental health issues.

The pop star - who has frequently spoken about her experience with mental health conditions - uses exercise and her love of books as a means of dealing with panic attacks and anxiety.

Ellie said: ''Whenever I'm feeling a bit low and I think, 'Oh, I'll just go on Twitter and see what people are saying about me,' I sometimes watch a documentary or a silly film, but mainly I read books. When I get lost in fiction, it helps.''