Local authorities in Hackney, east London approved the order in April (15), allowing police to hand rough sleepers in the area penalties ranging from $160 (£100) to $1,600 (£1,000).

The Love Me Like You Do hitmaker is outraged by the ruling and is now taking to Twitter.com to express her disgust at the new order.

In a series of messages, she writes, "Some councils in England have decided to treat homeless people as though they are criminals and are going to start fining them.

"I'm looking at you Hackney Council. How could you do this to vulnerable people who need you the most? I can't deal with your ignorance".

She continues, "Homelessness isn't a lifestyle choice. It is a last resort and has risen 79% in London since 2010. Because people aren't caring enough.

"I don't know much about anything but I can't help but be deeply concerned about how out of touch people can be."

The British singer then urges fans to sign a Change.org petition calling on officials to stop criminalising homelessness.