Ellen Degeneres wants to ''brag'' about her new clothing range.

The talk show host will launch her ED lifestyle brand next month and says she can't wait for people to see the items in the collection because she's so proud of it.

She gushed: ''The whole brand is beyond what I expected.

''It's my brand, but I can kind of brag about it, [because] it's other people that made this happen and executed it.''

Although she is yet to reveal items from the range, Ellen explained the fashion focuses on classic tailoring which is what makes the collection special.

She continued: ''It just doesn't exist [elsewhere].

''That's what's special about it. What makes a shirt different, any sweater different -- it's just all in the detail. Everything about it is casual and yet it's chic.''

The 57-year-old star added the range was inspired by her own taste and by guests on her 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', who frequently complain their dresses are too short.

She told WWD.com: ''Probably Kim Kardashian is not going to buy my clothes. She might - and then just shorten them ... I don't think anyone [on the team] disagreed with me when I said the dress was too short and it wasn't an objectification issue. It was more practical - when you sit down. I have a lot of actresses on the show. They come out and sit down and say, 'oh, I didn't sit down backstage. I didn't see how short this was going to be.' The stylists dress them right before they come out. They come down and sit down and they can't cross their legs. I think it's important to be able to wear a dress and be comfortable and sit down and not worry about how you sit.''