There's nothing like a game of 'Never Have I Ever' with Ellen Degeneres to show you up if you're a celebrity, and Reese Witherspoon and Pink certainly found themselves in an embarrassing position when they realised just how squeaky clean the talk show host is.

Ellen DeGeneres at the 'Finding Dory' premiereEllen DeGeneres at the 'Finding Dory' premiere

The singer, whose album 'Beautiful Trauma' comes out this October, and the 'Big Little Lies' actress were invited on to 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' this week to discuss their current lives and careers, and found themselves instead divulging their darkest secrets in a hilarious game of 'Never Have I Ever'. Ellen asked the questions while they all answered with a paddle reading 'I Have' on one side and 'I Have Never' on the other. 

First it looked like Ellen was totally going to come across as the wild one when she revealed that she had been given a lap dance by a stranger. Though when that stranger turned out to be none other than Channing Tatum from 'Magic Mike', we could see where the rest of this game was going. 

Both Pink and Reese were forced to admit that they have faked an injury to get out of something before, had sex in a public place, snooped through their partner's phone without them knowing, gotten a tattoo they later regretted, gone topless at the beach and 'hooked up' with someone while someone else was in the room.

While Pink was really unfazed by admitting to the questions, revealing that she has had sex in a park and regularly works out her partner Carey Hart's phone lock code, Reese got a little coy about the whole thing. She refused to say which public place she 'did it' in and insisted that the latter confession took place at college.

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Ellen, of course, has never done any of those things, and we're inclined to believe her. 'You have to be honest otherwise you're a liar and no-one will trust you', she said before the game.