Ellen Degeneres shares the ''same values'' as Gap.

The 57-year-old chat show host and her lifestyle brand ED have teamed up with the retailer on a new children's collection named GapKids x ED and she's revealed she loves working with them because of their principles and standards.

She said: ''Gap has always encouraged people to be themselves, and I love that they have the same values that I have: to be true to who you are and to wear cute pants.

''I know from my own experience that nothing makes you feel better than being who you are and celebrating what makes you unique. I think if we shine a light on real girls doing incredible things, that'll encourage other girls and boys to do incredible things, and that'll encourage even more people to do incredible things, and eventually the world will be a more incredibler place.''

Pieces from the collection - which are modeled by a pro-Skateboarder, a young entrepreneur, a professional drummer, and a 9-year-old engineer of prosthetic hands - will feature lightning bolts to depict power and speech bubbles to represent words of encouragement.

Although the collection focuses on clothing for girls, there will also be a small assortment of apparel for boys and adults.

Ellen said in a statement: ''I think it's important to teach boys at a young age to respect girls and their ideas. It's like Aretha Franklin spelled, R-E-S-P-E-C-D. By the way, we have some really amazing boys clothes in the collection. We believe in equal opportunity cuteness.''

The collection will be available on gap.com and in GapKids stores worldwide in August.