We can't figure out the more frightening sight: Ellen Degeneres in a dress, or Sofia Vergara. Luckily, or unluckily for some, DeGeneres gave us both simultaneously as she poked fun at Vergara's accent in a ridiculous dress/body suit combo.

Confidently strutting her stuff across the stage in a sparkly blue dress, drawning attention to her fake breasts, large behind and vivacious curves, DeGeneres took a light hearted swipe at the Modern Family star, who hails from Columbia, before Sofia showed up on stage to give the audience a delightfully funny Halloween cameo. "Muchos Gracias everybody," shouted DeGeneres, caked deep in makeup and donning a brunette wig. "Happy Halloween. As you can see I put my pumpkins out," DeGeneres said, mimicking Vergara's accent. DeGeneres proceeded to explain that she thought Vergara's voice was a bit overdone. "I get so much work with this fake accent," DeGeneres declared. A seemingly angry Vergara then emerged and taught Ellen a lesson, in Spanish that is. 

The audience loved every minute of it, and were all dressed up in various Halloween costumes themselves. DeGeneres and Vergara, who've partnered for Cover Girl commercials, are apparently close enough friends that they don't mind a spot of light hearted mockery, and it was great to see!