A waitress at a New Hampshire restaurant was given a huge, but warmly welcomed, surprise this week when she was paid a visit by Ellen Degeneres. Ellen visited waitress Sarah Hoildahl whilst she was at work on Friday, 18 October, and gave her a huge reward for a good deed she had performed earlier in the week. 21-year-old single mother of one Hoildahl was waiting tables as is the norm for her earlier this week when two National Guard members sat in her section for lunch.

Ellen Degeneres
Ellen isn't one to let a good deed go unnoticed.

Upon learning that, because of the government shut down, the two were't getting paid for their services and so the young mother decided to make life that little bit easier for the struggling pair. According to Fox News, when the soldiers asked for the bill, Sarah brought them a receipt and a thank you note for their services to the country, after paying for the meal herself. Not being one to let a good deed go unnoticed, once Ellen caught wind of what had happened she was quick to reward the waitress for her kindness.

On Friday's (18 Oct.) edition of Ellen, the talk show host headed out to New Hampshire to visit the scene of the good deed and had a few presents to give to the generous mother of one. Not only did she repay the $27.75 that Sarah had spent on the soldier's meals, but she also gave her a brand new 50" plasma screen TV and a cheque for $10,000. Not bad for a days work.

Since the news of her good deed spread, the Concord-based Hoidahl has received non-stop messages of support and thanks from impressed US citizens, and her visit from Ellen must have been the icing on the cake. We can't say she didn't deserve it either.