The former girlfriend of Ellen Degeneres is considering legal action against both the comedienne and her new lover, Ally Mcbeal actress PORTIA DE ROSSI.

Chat show host DeGeneres ended her four-year relationship with photographer-director Alexandra Hedison last month (DEC04) and is now sharing her Hollywood mansion with De Rossi, who recently split up with Ringo Starr's step-daughter FRANCESCA GREGORINI.

Hedison is now planning to take palimony action against DeGeneres, and is reportedly suing De Rossi for "alienation of affection" - a legal phrase dating back to when seducing a spouse was regarded as theft.

However, RICHARD BARRY from the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MATRIMONIAL LAWYERS tells British newspaper THE SUNDAY TIMES this could be difficult to prove: "She would have to prove the seduction took place in those states which still recognise the law, like on holiday in Hawaii.

"If she can do that, she could cause a lot of financial damage."

09/01/2005 14:51