Elle Macpherson is too scared to cut her hair.

The 50-year-old supermodel - who is known for her trademark long blonde locks and statuesque frame - confessed she doesn't have the courage to make any drastic changes to her look and would rather borrow a wig when she feels like altering her hair style.

She told People magazine: ''I wish that I would have the courage to cut all my hair off and wear a pixie. Maybe I'll just borrow a wig!''

However, Elle is more than happy to be adventurous with her red carpet outfits and admitted, unlike many other female stars, she prefers wearing flat shoes to high profile events.

She said: ''A long time ago I realized that one of the best ways to do black tie events is to wear a long dress and flip flops or flat shoes.''

The Aussie-born mother of two - who began her modelling career aged just 18 - also revealed she is no longer concerned with looking young and insists her healthy diet and lifestyle are the key to her flawless appearance.

She explained: ''Most people say youth and beauty go together, but in my experience wellness and beauty go together.''