Elle Macpherson's favourite ever red carpet moment was wearing flip-flops to the Met Ball in 2005.

The supermodel hit the headlines nine years ago when she teamed a lime-green dress from the Calvin Klein Collection with casual sandals for the Costume Institute Gala held in New York City.

She explained: ''My favourite red carpet moment is the acid-green, strapless luminescent dress with flip flops that I wore to a Met Gala. And the tan. It was great.''

Meanwhile, the 50-year-old beauty has just launched a new campaign for The Body Elle Macpherson Intimate range, and believes she has found an innovative new approach to designing bras.

She explained to PEOPLE.com: ''I realised that silhouette is very important and I don't know any brands that focus on silhouette. So I said I actually want to create a performance bra that can change the shape of your body when you put it on according to what you feel like or your body type.

''It's a new concept in bra design, still with that really comfortable fit and still really pretty and feminine and a lot of colour.''

The stunning star admits picking out her lingerie in the morning is just as important as selecting her outfit for the day because she likes to colour coordinate every last detail.

She said: ''I always choose lingerie according to what I'm wearing. So if I'm wearing jeans, I find a bra that's blue like jeans. I like to match the inside and the outside.''