Elle Macpherson is ''basically vegan'' - but loves chocolate and cream pie.

The 56-year-old supermodel - who has sons Cy, 22, and Aurelius, 17, with former partner Arpad Busson - tries to keep her diet as healthy as possible, with no animal products, but will still indulge in the occasional treat.

She said: ''I am basically vegan. That's the way I like to eat, but I do have a weakness for chocolate.

''I love an espresso and I'm pretty good with a cream pie.

''Basically, I enjoy feeling good, I enjoy getting outdoors and exercising, being in the fresh air, being with nature, being with my children.

''I eat three meals a day and I have two snacks, three snacks sometimes.

''I'm quite easy about my life because I think life is for living.''

Elle overhauled her diet after turning 50 and realising she wasn't sleeping well or looking as good as she could.

She told new! magazine: ''When I was 50, I wasn't feeling myself.

''I was finding it very difficult to sleep.

''My hair, nails and skin were dry and damaged.

''I was putting on weight.

''I went to a nutritionist and I said, 'Something's not right.'

''She said, 'Yeah, you're doing the same things you did when you were 20.

''When you are 50, we need to change things around.'

''She put me on a multi-vitamin and mineral probiotic, prebiotic, all-in-one greens super powder.

''It changed my life.''

The WelleCo guru believes people look their best when properly ''nourished''.

She said: ''I know it sounds like a cliché that beauty comes from within, but in my experience it really is true.

''If you nourish yourself from the inside, and you really nourish yourself on a cellular level, it's really going to show on the outside.

''You are going to feel better and you are also going to look better.''