Elle King has suffered a concussion after falling down the stairs in the middle of the night.

The 33-year-old pop star has been forced to cancel three radio shows this week after knocking herself out in the terrifying tumble which happened while she was making a bottle for her one-year-old son Lucky - revealing she sustained a nasty head injury which has left her unable to perform at gigs in Seattle, Washington, Tampa, Florida and Detroit, Michigan.

She broke the bad news to her followers in a post on Instagram which read: "No one ever wants to pull out of shows, especially me. I live for performing. I slipped down the stairs making a bottle in the middle of the night, knocked my ass out, resulting in a concussion.

“I tried to push through and played 3 shows, but the travel, lights, all of it only exacerbated things. I’d like to thank the artists that stepped in and filled my slots, as well as the radio stations for their understanding and continued support."

Elle concluded the note by adding: "I wish you all happy and healthy holidays and I can't wait to get back out next year and sing with you soon."

The 'Ex's Oh's' star welcomed her first child - son Lucky - with her fiancee Dan Tooker in September 2021. She recently opened up about motherhood in a candid interview with People.com, insisting it totally changed her life.

She said: "Motherhood has made me a gentler person, a stronger person, someone who tries to be ... I'm still working on being less reactive, but I'm happy. I'm joyous ... Parenthood in any sense, whatever caregiver anyone is in that position, it will f****** humble you. You have to learn empathy."