Elle King says the coronavirus lockdown has marked ''the most time'' she has ever spent with a partner.

The 'Ex's & Oh's' hitmaker has been spending quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic with her boyfriend Dan Tooker, and has confessed the last few months have been the longest she's ever spent time with a partner, as she's usually desperate to have her own space.

She said: ''For the first half of quarantine, I was pretty alone, and then my boyfriend joined me. And we were totally, like, on top of each other. So for me, my escape was I would come into my music room and I would just make music for like, 11 hours.

''Honestly, it's amazing that we're still in a relationship. My dad, on Father's Day, brought up a really great point. He was like, 'Elle, you were married [to Andrew Ferguson] and you never spent this much time with him.' ''

And whilst the couple have been through ''a lot of testing moments'' during lockdown, they're now ''stronger'' than ever.

She added: ''It can 100 percent break a relationship, but for us, it just made us stronger.''

Elle's boyfriend is now back at work at his Riverside Tattoo shop in Boston, and although she's enjoyed spending time with him over the past few months, the 31-year-old singer is pleased to have time to herself again.

She explained to 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I know that he's so, so happy to be working again, and doing his craft. Don't tell him, but I'm not minding. I used to hate having to FaceTime with him, because I missed him so much. Now I'm like, 'Great! This is our scheduled time, I'll talk to you now.' ''

Meanwhile, the 'Can't Be Loved' singer's romance comes after she was married to Andrew Ferguson from 2016 to 2017, before briefly reuniting in January 2018.

When the couple split for good, she went on to date a man identified only as Jim, whom she got engaged to in July last year.

It is not known when Elle - who is the daughter of Rob Schneider and his ex-wife London King - split from Jim, or when she began dating Dan.