Elle Fanning loves "living in the comedy space".

The 25-year-old actress stars in the historical and satirical series 'The Great', and Elle has revealed that she "craves" dark humour.

She told Sky's 'Backstage' podcast: "Living in the comedy space is really fun for me, which was kind of different. And now I feel like I've settled in and gotten used to that space."

Elle has also hailed the show's creator, Tony McNamara, describing him as "a genius".

She said: "What is he going to come up with next? His brain. He's so genius. He's so dark as well. Like, Tony, you're twisted. But really that's why it blends so perfectly. He's such a genius."

Elle has been wowed by Tony's ability to transition from comedy to violence in the blink of an eye.

She said: "I crave that humour.

"It's like when there's a really kind of funny, crazy moment, always turning it on its head and making the audience question and feel something and get emotional about something like right after. So, it's a balancing act, for sure. But it's real."

Elle made her film debut as a child and she already has more than 60 acting credits to her name.

Despite this, Elle suggested that she is "just coming into [her] own now".

She told Marie Claire magazine: "I’ve been working as a kid for so long, so it makes sense. But I do feel like I’m honestly just coming into my own now."

Elle is appreciative of her early success. But the actress admits that she's evolved a lot during the course of her career.

She said: "I’ve been fortunate to play great characters, but when you’re a kid in movies, sometimes you’re just the kid in it. You’re being the observer, almost [like] the eyes of the audience … you watch the adults get to be bizarre and have all the fun."