Elle Fanning believes in aliens.

The 17-year-old actress admitted that she is convinced that there is life on other planets but is unsure if we will ever have proof of the existence of extraterrestrials.

She said: ''I think about them. I don't think we're the only thing in millions of galaxies. Maybe we'll never meet them, maybe we'll never know about them, but there has to be something, right? I think so.''

Elle also joked that she used to beat her older sister Dakota, 21, up when they were younger.

She said: ''When we were little we would fight all the time. I'm taller, so I would be the one beating her up.''

Meanwhile, Elle portrays a transgender teen in her new movie 'About Ray' but admitted she thinks the role should have been played by a transgender actor.

Speaking in NYLON's November America Issue, she said: ''They should be able to play my part, you know? It should be equal opportunity.''

And Elle praised transgender teens for sharing their own experiences with her and generously giving her advice on how to play Ray.

She explained: ''They opened up to me in the most incredible way- I'm just a stranger who's doing a movie, but they told me their different journeys and even little details like what chest binder brand is the best one, like, 'They all suck, but this one's all right.' They were so helpful.''

Elle also revealed she was thrilled to be mistaken for a boy while dressed in her costume for the movie.

She said: ''I would go to lunch, and I wouldn't change, so I looked like Ray. The waiter would come over, like, 'Oh, are you done eating sir?' The actor in me was like, 'Yeah!' Then I thought, 'Whoa, actually if that happened to Ray, he would be so excited that someone just saw him for himself.'''