Ella Henderson and Danny O'Donoghue's collaboration is an ''emotional power ballad''.

Last week, it was announced that The Script frontman and the 19-year-old 'Ghost' singer recently met to work on a musical collaboration and it's now been revealed that the song is going to be a ''gushy'' ballad.

Ella's band member, Josh, told BANG Showbiz: ''We listened to the song the other day and it is the perfect emotional power ballad.

''It sounds really good, it's very pop but still soulful - You could say it's pretty gushy.

''They are the perfect people to do a song together and it looks like this song will probably be the first in a few that they will do together. They really enjoyed it and they got on well.''

The former 'X Factor' contestant is currently working on her studio album, while the Irish pop singer, 34, recently admitted he is becoming more heavily involved in the song-writing side of the music industry.

Danny said he is enjoying working with a variety of acts and producers behind the scenes.

And speaking prior to hooking up musically together, Danny admitted: ''[Ella is] an amazing vocalist.''