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Ella Henderson Proves Single Isn't Dead, 'Ghost' Is Biggest Of Summer 2014

Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson's 'Ghost' is officially the biggest song of the summer after shifting an incredible 578,000 copies between June and August. The former X-Factor contestant notched up her first No.1 with the catchy pop tune and we should expect the song to hover in the Top 40 for the next couple of months, given its prominent use on the new season the singing show.

Ella HendersonElla Henderson's 'Ghost' was a massive hit

Ella told Official Charts: "I am completely overwhelmed by the success of Ghost! To have one of the biggest selling songs of the year is absolutely insane. It doesn't feel real. I can't thank everyone enough for all the support. Thank you!"

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X-Factor Loser Ella Henderson’s Parents ARRESTED For Money Laundering

Ella Henderson The X Factor

Ella Henderson – who managed sixth in last year’s X-Factor – is living in London while she works on her debut album. Her parents, however, are in police custody after their arrest for money laundering. Police arrested the X-Factor star’s parents yesterday, which puts the young hopeful’s career at risk, especially considering her father is also her manager.

A neighbour, who decided to remain anonymous, said: ‘There were police everywhere with cars and flashing blue lights. It was obviously a big raid. Sniffer dogs were out around the house as well. I feel sorry for Ella because this is going to affect her career. She has worked so hard.” Another neighbour said: “This is a quiet, sleepy village. It is hard to understand what is going on.” Officers left after searching the properties for up to seven hours, it has been reported. Humberside Police said: “Officers executed warrants at two addresses in Tetney with the assistance of Lincolnshire Police. “A 49-year-old woman was arrested in Tetney and taken to Grimsby police station to be questioned in connection with money-laundering offences. The singer has previously spoken about the influence of her family, saying: “Having my father around me, that will keep me grounded."

Ella HendersonWill Ella Henderson be doing this for money?

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Ella Henderson To Guest First On Myleene Klass' Christmas Show On Heart

Myleene Klass Ella Henderson James Arthur Matt Cardle

Somehow, Myleene Klass' career is still alive, sort of. Believe it or not, Heart have handed her a special Christmas show, in which she can have special guests come in for a Christmassy chat and some mince pies, The Mirror reports. 

"I'm so excited to be joining the Heart presenter line up," Klass explained of her new show, Myleene's Klass Christmas (wow). "To be given my own show, a piano and the chance to work with some incredible people (as well as the seemingly constant supply of mince pies), is a lovely way to get in the Christmas spirit," she continued. Clearly a fan of The X-Factor, Klass has elected the prematurely ejected Ella Henderson as the first guest on her brand new project. Deemed an 'incredible' person by someone who is yet to prove that of herself, Henderson was considered to be an X-factor favourite before her shock eviction from the show. 

James Arthur - the eventual winner of The X Factor - has been hitting the headlines for a very different reason. He's been mixing it up with ex-winner Matt Cardle, saying, "the blokes that have won before have had a niche, they haven't sold records because they haven't made great albums. That's the bottom line." To which Cardle hit back, saying, "I said, 'Look, James, you're very talented but you haven't sold two million records yet, which I have,'" Matt said, humbly taking his Mother Theresa costume out of the wardrobe and pulling it on while recounting a conversation which may or may not have taken place in his head. "You haven't had two top ten albums yet, which I've had. Don't start mouthing off before you've even really left the show."

Are We Reading This Right? Union J Sign A Recording Deal With Sony

The X Factor Union J One Direction Ella Henderson

Union J have signed a deal with Sony Music in a bid to become the new One Direction.

Have they got what it takes, though? As is often the case, record deals are offered up to more than just the winners of x factor and Union J didn’t take long between getting kicked out of the show on the semi-final and inking a deal with a major player in the UK music business.

The news of Union J’s deal comes hot on the heels of the news that Ella Henderson, the 16 year-old singer, had also been snapped up by Sony. The Mirror, however, have denounced Union J as “basically a bunch of kids with great hair who are decent at karaoke” and there certainly doesn’t seem to be the same levels of hysteria surrounding Union J as there was when One Direction emerged from the X Factor finals, to launch their own carer. In fact… can you even name a single member of Union J? We’re not sure that we can. Oh, Jaymi Hensley. That’s one. But that doesn’t count; we only know his name because he’s quoted in the Mirror as saying: ”It’s amazing. It’s been a crazy week. Obviously when we came out of the show the dream was to get a record deal and we're going to Sony today to sort out all the contracts and stuff. Before Christmas we will have our deal finalised.”

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Christopher Maloney Gets Death Threats: Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The X Factor?

The X Factor Ella Henderson Dermot O'Leary

Christopher Maloney, X FactorSay Cheese: Christopher Maloney Has Been Criticised For Being Outdated

Christopher Maloney, the Liverpudlian singer on this year's X Factor competition, has received death threats in the wake of Ella Henderson's shock elimination from the show. Though Maloney is old fashioned, over the top and lacking in any kind of star power, he continues to cruise through in the public vote at the expense of his more talented rivals.

Sunday evening's elimination saw Grimsby based Henderson kicked out of the competition, with the well-fancied James Arthur also finding himself in the bottom two. Maloney was a wild-card entry in the competition but has been dubbed "cheesy" by the judges from day one. His entry through to the final five resulted in a barrage of death threats from angry Twitter users, one of who said, "Oh my god I feel to cry. I'm gobsmacked. Christopher Maloney I will kill you in ur sleep." Another simply wrote, "CHRISTOPHER MALONEY KILL YOURSELF." One user threatened to 'hunt him down' before branding the singer a "fat orange turd." Another suggested, "Christopher Maloney needs to be taken to the nearest cliff/bridge/cruise ship and be pushed off it. Die." Nice. On last night's spin off show The Xtra Factor, Maloney defended his position on the show, saying, "My fans have been with me throughout. Ella was brought in, the judges picked her. I was not picked by the judges, I was the wildcard and I was the wildcard for the public choice and the public have stayed with me right from the beginning." The death threats appear to strengthen the case to wave goodbye to The X Factor, a tired format that rarely rewards the most talented contestant. Without Simon Cowell, the judging line-up has been lacking any real bite in recent years and Dermot O'Leary has worn the same grey suit for 3 years straight. 

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X Factor Farce? Christopher Maloney Getting Double The Amount Of Votes As Rivals

The X Factor Ella Henderson

x factor has once again found itself at the centre of controversy after it emerged that cheesy pop singer Christopher Maloney is pulling in double the amount of votes as his rivals. The Liverpudlian finalist has been slammed for his outdated act, though he has reportedly finished top of the pile for the past couple of weeks.

According to the Daily Star, Maloney is soaring ahead of the other contestants, including the accomplished vocalist Ella Henderson. Show boss Simon Cowell is said to be extremely worried about the possibility of the singer winning the entire show and is "trying desperately to get him kicked off." Eliminated contestants Kye Sones and MK1 have been critical of Maloney, though his cheesy 80s ballads appears to be getting him votes - plenty of votes. The singer, 34, recently claimed his grandmother had suffered serious health problems because of the backlash against him. "She's not well because of it all - her blood pressure has been sky high. She can't really handle the cruel comments I've been getting and I'm really upset she's having to endure it," he said, adding, "She's had to see the doctor for tests and change her blood pressure tablets."

Despite the public votes, the bookmakers remain unconvinced that Maloney will triumph in this year's competition, still offering odds of around 12/1. 

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X Factor Contestants Experience Celeb' Life At Kardashian Party.

The X Factor Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Ella Henderson James Arthur

Some of the X-Factor contestants had another little taste of the celeb life when they attended a party thrown by the Kardashians at the Aqua Club in London, to celebrate the launch of their new clothing line in Dorothy Perkins.

The collection is called the Kardashian Kollection (original!) and will provide a much needed revamp to the high street store that has seen its profits plummet in recent years. Anyway, Ella Henderson, District 3, Union J, James Arthur and Rylan Clark all rocked up to the event for a fun night out.

Kourtney and Kim met some of them, Entertainment Wise reports: "We've just met Ella and she's great" they said. "If we could appear on any of the shows in the UK it would be x factor... And obviously our sister Khloe hosts the US version so we're fans." Rylan and James Arthur were interviewed outside by ITN. They're looking forward to this week's show, the theme of which is "best of british", and apparently there's "some big big songs" for us to look forward to, says Arthur. He added: "It's got to the point that we just want to progress in the competition." The ITN interviewer asked who Gary Barlow picks on- as we all see each week he seems to have it in for Rylan, but Rylan simply said "I love Gary, I think Gary's lovely... [he's] 'banter-Barlow' off stage". However, it was all cut short when Arthur mentioned that "Chris is a diva" and Rylan shuffled them both on. 

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Bizarre Celebrity Mix For X Factor Final: Beyonce, Cher And The Killers

The X Factor Cher Beyonce Knowles The Killers Ella Henderson

If you think that The X Factor is weird now (what with Rylan’s increasingly bizarre, camp stage productions, a grown man that apparently cannot stop shaking whenever Dermot O’Leary speaks to him and a weekly parade of non-entities, warming up for the one contestant that has anything even vaguely regarding any star quality)… just wait until we get to the final stages. According to The Metro, a heady mix of celebrity singers is being concocted for the final rounds, which may include Cher, Beyonce and The Killers.

If Cher seems like a strange choice, then cast your mind back a few weeks, when Ella Henderson performed a riveting version of the fish-netted wonder’s hit song ‘Believe,’ which had the X Factor judges in a state of rapture. It was such an astonishing transformation, that you almost couldn’t ‘believe’ that it was ‘Believe,’ in the first place. Perhaps the fact that she transformed the song so much suggests that she didn’t really like it in the first place, though? We wonder if the producers have considered that at all? Somehow, the thought of Ella and Cher duetting just feels a little… wrong. The Mirror have previously claimed that Beyonce would be joining Ella onstage. All of this is highly premature, of course, because we don’t even know who’s going to be in the final rounds just yet.

It seems highly unlikely that Ella won’t be in the final of course because – as we just suggested – she’s pretty much the only contestant in the live rounds with any solid, discernible talent. Having said that, though, there’s no accounting for taste, is there? After all, Rylan’s still in with a shot at the title, despite his apparent inability to hold a tune.

Ella Henderson And George Shelley: An X-Factor Romance?

The X Factor Ella Henderson

X-Factor contestant, Ella Henderson is already being touted as a possible winner, with people speculating on her chances of becoming the 9th champion of ITV’s flagship talent show.

But that’s not the only thing being speculated on, and it’s the young singer’s romantic life that’s been in the papers of late. So, is the young Miss Henderson headed for a romance with the ‘new Harry Styles’ and fellow X-Factor contestant George Shelly? “It’s such a cute romance — they’re playing it down but they’re absolutely inseparable,’ claimed a source. What has really spurred rumours on is an alleged kiss that took place due to a dare, after months of flirting. Perhaps an relationship whilst competing against each other for the X-Factor title is just not a good idea. They would well and truly be mixing business with pleasure with that arrangement!

Shelley will have a way to go before the red-headed songstress is penning songs about him, as it’s her late grandfather that remains the object of her creativity and influence, reports The Mirror. “I started trying to write down lyrics and I got a melody in my head. Then I realised I was using this raw emotion from when I didn’t get to say goodbye to my grandad. He died in the middle of the night from lung cancer when I was nine. I have a fear of hospitals so I didn’t ever want to go and see him in there like that.

Ella Henderson Is Bookies Favourite For X Factor After Incredible Performance

The X Factor Ella Henderson Nicole Scherzinger Gary Barlow Louis Walsh

After Saturday's stunning performance of Take That's 'Rule the World', Ella Henderson has shot to the favourite spot by bookies as they cut the odds dramatically which are now 10/11.

The X-Factor stylists seem to have aptly chosen to model Henderson on Lana Del Rey, which suits her look and voice perfectly, but Henderson's performance proved her to have distinctly better voice than the American singer, who shocked and disappointed fans with a poor performance on Saturday Night Live earlier this year. Nicole Scherzinger described her as a 'blessing', Louis said she was the best female singer since Leona Lewis and Gary Barlow said that she sang his song “10 times better than [him]”. High praise indeed.

Ella's version of the song shot to number one in the iTunes download chart, followed by Lucy Spraggan. This positive news surrounding the X-Factor is in distinct contrast to the controversy of Sunday night's elimination, in which Louis Walsh effectively signed the death warrant for Carolynne Pool's time on the show, as he chose to let the decision go to 'deadlock' rather than save the obviously better singer. His choice saved Rylan Clark who the bookies know isn't going to win, with odds at 100/1, and to be honest, even that seems a little generous.

Ella Henderson

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