Ella Eyre wants to ''record at least five albums''.

The 21-year-old singer - whose debut album 'Feline' is set for release later this month - has admitted she wants to have a long career in both the music and acting industries.

She said: ''I started out doing musical theatre at school, realising I loved to sing when I played Tallulah in 'Bugsy Malone'. I'd like to do more acting, record at least five albums, and write lots more - I want to be in the industry in 30 or 40 years time.

''I've written more than 300 songs. Some have sold in Japan and Europe, while others get big here, like 'Changing', which was a number one for Sigma and Paloma Faith.''

The 'Gravity' singer also revealed she's inspired by the late Amy Winehouse - who died in 2011 - as she too wrote songs about personal experiences.

Ella told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''Amy is one of my biggest influences. Not only was her voice incredible, but also her music is so tragic and relatable. I like to write only about things that have happened to me, so her songs are an inspiration.''