Ella Eyre doesn't think she could have coped with overnight success.

The 21-year-old singer signed her record deal in 2012 but is only just readying her debut album, and thinks having a few years to develop as an artist has helped her career ''massively''.

Asked if she sees waiting for success as a positive thing, she said: ''100 per cent. I've massively grown up emotionally and as an artist over the last couple of years.

''Waiting for success makes it all the more worthwhile when it does come.

''I don't know how I'd have coped if things had happened overnight as it does with 'X Factor' contestants.''

Ella - who is dating Rixton's Lewi Morgan - has penned all her record 'Feline' herself and finds it ''funny'' listening back to some of the songs she wrote in the early days of her career.

She told OK! magazine: ''I say that if It comes from the heart then it will go to the heart and that's what I try and live by.

''I'd never let anyone write a song for me. It's about all of my experiences growing up. Stuff people can relate to.

''It's so funny listening back to how I used to deal with break-ups when I was 16.''