Ella Eyre has been on ''the most surreal, intense, emotional rollercoaster'' of her entire life the past week.

The 23-year-old musician has revealed the ''past couple of days'' has been largely up and down for her, but her recent performance at London's KOKO was ''one of the best'' days of her entire career.

Alongside a picture of the brunette beauty on set performing on stage during her concert on Tuesday (04.04.17), which was shared on her Instagram account, the powerhouse wrote: ''it's been the most surreal, intense, emotional rollercoaster of my life over the past couple of days but last night was one of the best (sic).''

And the 'If I Go' hitmaker has thanked all of her fans for showing their support and coming down to watch her show, as well as her band and crew.

She continued: ''Thank you so so so much to everyone that came down and made it what it was. Big love to my band & crew, wouldn't change them for the world can't wait to share this new music with you all very soon p.s @projoe.photography ur a boss (sic).''

Ella had recently come down with a ''weird chest infection thing'', which caused her to be in ''lockdown'' for a while, although she has since recovered and is back to good health.

Speaking previously, she wrote: ''weird chest infection thing had me on lockdown for what feels like FOREVER buuuuuut rehearsals start today and i am so fudging READYYY !!! (sic).''