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1st December 2016

Quote: "I've met her, I think she's enchanting... I want her to marry into the real royal family, because to have somebody that's talented, successful, a woman of her own, gorgeous and American? I think that's what the royal family needs, and I am behind it!" British actress Elizabeth Hurley is hoping Prince Harry has found 'The One' in his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle, known for her role in U.S. legal drama Suits. The couple secretly began dating earlier this year (16), and went public with its romance in early November (16).

18th November 2016

Quote: "I don't really know her but I met her once... and she was the most charming, enchanting girl. I thought she was just adorable. I think it's fabulous... an American princess, how fab would that be?" Actress Elizabeth Hurley approves of British royal Prince Harry's actress girlfriend Meghan Markle.

1st October 2016

Quote: "I think you have to look after your skin... you have to look after your health, you have to look after your diet. All things work together. You have to stay active. But I think more than anything you have to stay interested. I think engaging in life and embracing the changes and going with it and staying busy is the key to not looking too decrepit too soon." Liz Hurley on her secret to youthful looks at 51.

14th November 2015

Quote: "He loves it. He's in seventh heaven all day and if we get a season three, they've promised him a royal part." Elizabeth Hurley's teenage son Damian is hoping to land a part on his mum's hit TV drama The Royals.

10th November 2015

Quote: "The first letter I ever received in my life was from the Queen of England. I was a little girl and probably annoying my parents, 'Uh, there's nothing to do', and they said, 'Well, write to the Queen'. So I wrote to the Queen and I got a letter back, which I've still got to this day. It says, 'Dear Miss Hurley, I have been commanded by Her Majesty The Queen to thank you very much for her letter'... It's signed (by) her Lady In Waiting." The Royals star Elizabeth Hurley treasures her early correspondence with Queen Elizabeth II.

10th November 2015

Quote: "He is still my best friend. I'm godmother to his daughter. He's a good egg." Actress Elizabeth Hurley is still very fond of her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant, who she dated for 13 years until 2000.

1st October 2015

Quote: "I actually knew Jackie a little bit. She's one of two friends of mine who've died in the last few months of breast cancer... Every year when I've come back, I've heard of more women who've either lost their lives to breast cancer or have been diagnosed with breast cancer... It's very good thing to keep spreading the word." Actress Elizabeth Hurley admits the recent death of author Jackie Collins will hang heavy over her as she promotes breast cancer awareness. Collins lost her secret battle with breast cancer last month (Sep15).

3rd August 2015

Fact: British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley has finally sold her farm in England's picturesque Cotswolds region a year after putting it on the market. The estate, where she kept cows, sheep and pigs, sold for around $14.4 million (£9 million).

1st May 2015

Quote: "Aren't we all hoping it's a little princess? We'll have to see." Actress Elizabeth Hurley has been hit with royal baby fever as the world awaits the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second child.

13th March 2015

Quote: "This man came up to him (Elton John) and said, 'If Elizabeth kisses my son, I'll give you $80,000 for the foundation'. And Elton yelled, 'Get up!' I had no choice!" Elizabeth Hurley reveals how her pal SIR ELTON JOHN sold her kiss sold for $85,000 (£50,000) at a fundraiser last year (14).

13th March 2015

Fact: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne gave fellow Brit Elizabeth Hurley an unusual present for her 2007 wedding to now ex-husband Arun Nayar - a bull. The Austin Powers beauty kept the animal, she named Ozzy, at her farm in the English countryside.

12th March 2015

Quote: "I know that Lady Gaga wore the very dress last year... It had been in a museum. It's been travelling around because bizarrely the dress is famous. It's just weird." Elizabeth Hurley on the black Versace safety pin dress which caused a fashion stir when she wore it to the premiere of Four Weddings & A Funeral in 1994.

12th March 2015

Quote: "It makes England just fabulous... I drive past Buckingham Palace on my way to work and you just think, 'Wow!' It's just great!' We'd all love to live there and have guards guarding us and tiaras and orbs." Elizabeth Hurley is a big fan of Britain's royal family. The actress plays a fictitious Queen of England in new TV drama The Royals.

12th March 2015

Quote: "I thought, 'What if Princess Diana had lived? What would she look like now...?' so we kind of took a bit of inspiration from her looks-wise, and then personality-wise, I just pulled from every villain I'd ever seen, including Joan Collins in Dynasty, who comes in as my mother, Cruella DeVille, Malificent." Elizabeth Hurley on the inspiration behind her The Royals character Queen Helena.

11th March 2015

Quote: "He is grumpy. My friends used to call him 'Grumpelstiltskin'. I find it charming, but not 24/7." Elizabeth Hurley on why she split from her former beau of 13 years, Hugh Grant.

11th March 2015

Quote: "He remains my best friend to this day, but... I mean, I'd say this if he were sitting here, but he used to really annoy me, actually. I mean, I love him, but he's very annoying." Elizabeth Hurley on ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant.

10th March 2015

Quote: "My new sow, called Pixie, she's just had babies, so there's a lot of piglets..." British actress Elizabeth Hurley has a new litter of piglets to look after on her farm in the English countryside.

19th February 2015

Quote: "The funny thing is that our relationship did work. She's still my best friend. The sex bit probably fizzled out, but now she's my absolute best friend and the number one person I call in a crisis." Hugh Grant is still close to ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley. The couple split in 2000 after 13 years together.

9th January 2015

Quote: "I have met HRH Prince Charles and am his greatest fan. I have long considered him the best-dressed man in England." Actress Elizabeth Hurley is a big fan of the Prince of Wales' style.

1st October 2014

Quote: "I've had a yearly mammogram since my 40th birthday. The founder of our foundation, Evelyn Lauder, gave me my first mammogram for my 40th and she made me promise that I'd have one every year and I have." Actress Elizabeth Hurley, the Global Ambassador for the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Month, has a yearly check-up to mark her birthday.

22nd April 2014

Tweet: "Oh Lord; uniforms, games kit, new shoes, haircuts, maths projects... yay, love the start of a new term... also slightly thwarted by a house guest driving off to London with my car keys in their pocket." Elizabeth Hurley's plans to get her 12 year old son Damian ready for his return to school were thrown into chaos when she lost her car keys.

13th January 2014

Quote: "The horse's mouth is pouring ridicule on the absurd new stories re me being romantically involved again with my ex, Hugh. Total fiction." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley shuts down reports suggesting she has rekindled her romance with actor Hugh Grant following her split from fiance Shane Warne in December (13). She dated the Notting Hill star from 1987 to 2000 and they remain close friends.

7th October 2013

Tweet: "Ps contrary to ludicrous reports, family, friends & followers, I am certainly not trying to have a baby... mind boggling." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley has denied reports she is planning to have children with her estranged fiance Shane Warne.

10th September 2013

Tweet: "Thanks for all your lovely messages for my son. He's doing really well & Nurse Mummy is burning the calories running up & down the stairs." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley thanks fans for their support after her 11-year-old Damian underwent surgery to remove his appendix.

19th August 2013

Fact: British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley has squeezed into a skin-tight catsuit to shoot a new spy-themed Tv commercial for U.K. company Compare the Market. The 48-year-old star says, "Playing in Aston Martins, dodging lasers and being suspended in mid-air... It was an opportunity to live out all my Bond girl fantasies."

1st July 2013

Tweet: "Lying under a blanket on the sofa feeling ill and sorry for myself..." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley has been struck down by illness.

28th January 2013

Tweet: "Terrible news re fires and floods in Australia... thoughts & prayers to everyone affected by nature gone beserk (sic)." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley is shocked by the weather issues blighting Australia, her fiance Shane Warne's home country.

25th January 2013

Quote: "I keep my eye on what I eat all the time, because now that we're older we have to make a conscious decision if we want to stay relatively slim... But as you get older, it doesn't actually look that attractive to be super skinny." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley prefers to keep her curves as she tries to grow old gracefully.

24th January 2013

Quote: "We'd love to (get married), and it's top of our to-do list, but we just haven't. It's logistically quite difficult, because half the family are in Australia and half the family are here." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley is struggling to schedule her wedding to former Australian cricketer Shane Warne. The couple became engaged in 2011.

11th November 2012

Fact: Elizabeth Hurley, Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay and David Hasselhoff were among the stars who turned out for Sir Elton John's Winter Ball charity event in London on Saturday night (10Nov12). The gala was hosted by Kevin Spacey as the singer is away on tour in Australia.

8th November 2012

Tweet: "RIP Clive Dunn. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment watching Dad's Army." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley remembers Dad's Army star Clive Dunn, who passed away at the age of 92 on Wednesday (07Nov12).

9th October 2012

Quote: "It was a real surprise. I thought she looked gorgeous. But I think it was same dress. I know it went into some Gianni Versace museum - it was snatched away from me 18 years ago - but I have a feeling it's exactly the same one." British model Elizabeth Hurley was stunned to see Lady GaGa in her infamous Versace safety pin dress, which catapulted the actress to fame when she wore it in 1994.

1st October 2012

Quote: "I'm gonna be the future stepmother of three beautiful children and it makes my son very happy that he's gonna have some siblings." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley is looking forward to playing mum to fiance Shane Warne's kids.

24th September 2012

Quote: "I can't bear people sulking and making a bad atmosphere. I get cross when I feel let down by people or when I think they're being dense... I like working at top speed and get frustrated by anyone with a laid-back attitude." Model/actress Elizabeth Hurley on her pet hates.

30th August 2012

Tweet: "My son totally overexcited as he's visiting the Neighbours set today." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian is excited about a trip to the set of the Australian soap opera.

11th July 2012

Tweet: "Just read Fifty Shades of Grey. Ahem!!" British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley is shocked by the erotic novel by E.L. James.

4th June 2012

Quote: "Always put your family first. I took nearly eight years off from filming in order to raise my son and I don't regret a day of it." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley was happy to sacrifice her career to bring up her son Damian, now 10.

25th May 2012

Tweet: "Big thanks to garbage collectors for smashing every bottle in Nottingham outside our hotel window at 5.45am this morning..." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley was given an unwelcome early wake-up call in Nottingham, England on Friday (25May12).

11th January 2012

Tweet: "A million congratulations to my beautiful friend Amanda and her new husband Bryan Ferry. How exciting!!" British actress Elizabeth Hurley sends well-wishes to her pal Amanda Sheppard, who married the Roxy Music star last Wednesday (04Jan12).

25th October 2011

Fact: Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian flew to Australia on Monday (24Oct11) to celebrate the actress' engagement to Shane Warne with the cricketer's friends and family Down Under.

24th October 2011

Quote: "I would marry her in a heartbeat if I had a sex change. She's absolutely perfect in every way." Elizabeth Hurley is a big fan of her Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively.

26th September 2011

Quote: "It's particularly nice in the summer, particularly hideous in the winter... Very muddy. Ugg boots and gumboots (galoshes) all day long. Not glamorous." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley on farm life in the English countryside.

5th September 2011

Quote: "He has his own set now. He uses the girls' ones. They're much better. Every guy I've ever known has used my beauty products and has continued to do so." Actress Elizabeth Hurley has been sharing her toiletries with her cricket star boyfriend Shane Warne.

1st September 2011

Tweet: "Blake and Leighton on the set today, both looking beautiful. My son besotted with Leighton......" British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley's nine-year-old son Damian is transfixed by his mother's Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester.

14th July 2011

Tweet: "Fun first day on set - although the paparazzi outnumbered the crew." Elizabeth Hurley enjoyed her first day shooting scenes for TV show Gossip Girl in New York.

28th June 2011

Quote: "As you get older it's the grooming - unkempt doesn't work. At 19 you can have buttons hanging off and stringy hair, but as we get older we look like bag ladies if we let things slide." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley puts more effort into her appearance as she ages.

14th April 2011

Quote: "I think I'm coping quite well, actually. We're all quite happy right now and trying to move forward." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley insists she is in good spirits following the recent breakdown of her marriage to Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

11th April 2011

Fact: Ex-lovers Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley are still sharing each other's lives - they're taking cookery classes and guitar lessons together.

3rd March 2011

Fact: British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley has landed the role of an evil villain in U.S. TV network NBC's reboot of Wonder Woman.

10th February 2011

Fact: Elizabeth Hurley took her relationship with Australian cricketer SHANE WARNE to the next level on Wednesday (09Feb11) - after meeting his parents. The British model/actress, who is Down Under to visit the sportsman, spent an hour chatting with Brigitte and Keith Warne at their son's house in Melbourne, Australia.

1st February 2011

Tweet: "Ping Pong not helping much - she's sitting on my laptop, trying to send emails. Yes, she's taking over. Still a bit scared of her." Elizabeth Hurley is still not used to her Christmas present - a pet parrot called Ping Pong.

2nd December 2010

Tweet: "Please, please, please don't let Heathrow (airport) be closed because of snow tomorrow....can't miss my son be Angel Gabriel in the nativity play." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley is worried the extreme weather conditions sweeping the U.K. will cause her to miss son DAMIAN's Christmas production.

2nd September 2010

Quote: "My son's knowledge of female prisons comes from Lady GaGa and Chicago, all G-strings and heels. His ambition is to work in a 'lady jail'." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley's young son DAMIAN is eyeing a career in a female prison.

17th May 2010

Quote: "Hugh virtually has a bedroom at our house and we're still neighbours in London." Elizabeth Hurley remains friends with her ex, Hugh Grant.

29th April 2010

Fact: British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley helped raise $4 million (£2.6 million) for a cancer charity on Tuesday night (27Apr10), with help from her pal, SIR Elton John. The beauty hosted the Estee Lauder bash in New York and convinced the Rocket Man to perform at the event, held to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

8th April 2010

Tweet: "My son got a karaoke Wii game for his birthday and has made me sing Lily Allen songs with him all day. I now know every move of The Fear." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley has been playing computer games with her young son.

7th April 2010

Quote: "I think so long as your face looks all right everything else can be Photoshopped. I don't think anybody minds being slimmed down a bit or taking off the odd spot." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley is a fan of digital touch-ups.

7th November 2009

Fact: Stars including Eva Herzigova, Elizabeth Hurley and David Walliams helped raise $365,000 (£228,000) for the Elton John Aids Foundation at a fundraiser in London. SIR ELTON JOHN was unable to attend the Emerald Ball on Thursday night (05Nov09) as he is recovering from illness.

2nd November 2009

Quote: "I have never eaten six raisins a day with a child's knife and fork, or any of the other ridiculous things I have read about myself." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley dismisses reports of extreme dieting.

2nd November 2009

Quote: "It would have been totally unnatural for us to cut each other out of our lives. My husband adores him." British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley is still extremely close to her ex-partner Hugh Grant.

2nd November 2009

Quote: "We have sheep and pigs and cows and he's very involved with that. Some days DAMIAN and I will set off on the quad bikes and see to the pigs together." Model/actress Elizabeth Hurley and her son love life on their farm in Gloucestershire, England.

2nd November 2009

Quote: "He's as strong as an ox and fighting everything off." SIR Elton John is recovering well from his bout of influenza and an E. coli infection, according to his close pal Elizabeth Hurley.

21st October 2009

Quote: "Hugh could completely judge my mood by what I was reading; he knew it was a semi-bad sign if I was re-reading Jilly Cooper or any of those books we all had to read (at school), like Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen - it meant I was feeling insecure and needed attention. If I was reading modern literature, he knew I was feeling fine and good." Hugh Grant could figure out his ex Elizabeth Hurley's feelings by checking out which titles she was reading.

6th August 2009

Fact: Liz Hurley's producer ex STEPHEN BING provided his own private jet to fly the two U.S. journalists, who had been held captive in North Korea, home on Tuesday (04Aug09). Euna Lee and Laura Ling were granted a special pardon during former U.S. President Bill Clinton's visit with Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

7th May 2009

Quote: "I wouldn't mind betting that there's less sex in the city than there is in the country because it's just well, sexier here." British model Elizabeth Hurley loves living in the countryside.

4th March 2009

Fact: British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley has donated family photos of her six-year-old son DAMIEN to be used on a new set of stamps. The limited edition set will be sold on auction website eBay to raise money for domestic violence charity Women's Aid.

3rd June 2008

Quote: "It's in my laundry room in a big cardboard box with a straw and I have to swaddle it, like a baby, lie it backwards and feed it with a bottle. It's absolutely divine." British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley hand-rears pigs at her farm in Gloucestershire, England.

26th April 2008

Quote: "I'd secretly like twins." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley plans on expanding her family by having kids with husband Arun Nayar.

28th March 2008

Quote: "On my honeymoon we only took about three frames because we had a marathon of photography at our week-long wedding in India and couldn't bear to take another shot. Of course, I regret it now." Model/actress Elizabeth Hurley wishes she had been more active with her camera after she wed Arun Nayer in 2007.

14th September 2007

Quote: "I was stared at and bugged by too many of (the assistants) and felt so uncomfortable. I left the shop only half done." Actress Elizabeth Hurley is considering hiring a personal shopper after a recent traumatic shopping trip.

23rd May 2007

Quote: "We got lots of cows, sheep, cockerels. Which was just what we wanted." Newlywed Elizabeth Hurley reveals some surprise wedding gifts she shared with Arun Nayar at their nuptials in March (07).

2nd May 2007

Quote: "I'd probably eat more cheese and ham sandwiches and have a few more packets of crisps and KitKats." Elizabeth Hurley considers the advantages of quitting modelling.

21st March 2007

Fact: Photos of Elizabeth Hurley's wedding to businessman Arun Nayar in India earlier this month (MAR07) have been chosen as the cover images to launch the Indian edition of celebrity magazine HELLO!.

8th March 2007

Quote: "In Italy, emotion on a wedding day is normal. But from Elizabeth it was something very unique and rare; like seeing an exquisite flower blossom." Italian fashion designer VALENTINO GARAVANI was stunned by Elizabeth Hurley's crying at the altar during her wedding blessing to Arun Nayar on Saturday (03MAR07).

3rd March 2007

Fact: Arun Nayar's younger brother NIKHIL is best man at the businessman's wedding to Elizabeth Hurley today (03MAR07). Hurley's son DAMIAN will be ring-bearer and her pal Elle Macpherson's son CY is a page boy.

28th February 2007

Quote: "I think it deplorable when men don't shave. I can't stand it. I don't think men should come downstairs looking unshaven and ghastly with their tummies hanging out of their dressing gowns. Horrible!" Model/actress Elizabeth Hurley likes her men trim and clean shaven.

9th January 2007

Quote: "Hugh is a good boy, he asked for the dress code straight away and happily took on all the instructions." Elizabeth Hurley reveals her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant is prepared for her upcoming wedding to Arun Nayar.

30th October 2006

Fact: Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has confessed to crushes on Elle Macpherson, Elizabeth Hurley, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and ANGELINA JOLIE.

10th October 2006

Quote: "I'd like never to speak on the phone again; I'm longing to throw my phones in the lake." Model/actress Elizabeth Hurley on the one thing she'd love to change in her life.

23rd July 2006

Fact: Elizabeth Hurley and The Office stars Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman are auctioning off personal possessions in the name of charity on British DJ JOHNNY VAUGHAN's Capital Radio show today (22JUL06). Proceeds go towards the Help A London Child appeal.

12th June 2006

Fact: NOTTING HILL star Hugh Grant has been tipped as a hot favourite to bowl over the British royal household in a forthcoming celebrity cricket match. The actor is being recruited by former girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley for a stars versus royals stand-off at Windsor Castle later this summer (06).

28th May 2006

Quote: "I'm becoming a real lesbian magnet." Actress/model Liz Hurley is becoming more popular with women as she grows older.

7th April 2006

Quote: "He says, 'Mummy, my family is big enough.' But he might have to put up with it." Elizabeth Hurley on how her son DAMIAN reacts to the thought of her having another child.

28th March 2006

Quote: "DAMIAN loves uncle HUGH (GRANT). He lives around the corner and gave Damian his favourite Christmas present this year; it was a pirate costume that he wears every weekend. They have a very nice relationship and I'm sure they will become closer in time." Elizabeth Hurley on the relationship between her ex and her four-year-old son.

2nd March 2006

Quote: "A bit of lusting after someone does wonders for the skin." Model-turned actress Elizabeth Hurley explains her healthy glow.

12th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I think I'd be a little bit scared to have bones broken and reset but we'll have to see what happens in time." Elizabeth Hurley admits she's frightened of cosmetic surgery, but won't rule it out as an option when she loses her looks. </p>

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