Two weeks ago, Elizabeth Hurley's world was rocked by news that her sister's son and one of his friends were viciously attacked by a group of men after a verbal dispute regarding a minor car accident turned nasty. Thankfully, neither victim received life-threatening wounds and both are recovering well.

Liz Hurley at 'Paddington 2' screeningLiz Hurley at 'Paddington 2' screening

The 52-year-old actress is campaigning for change in London after her nephew Miles suffered multiple stab wounds during an altercation with four males on the streets. The incident happened two weeks ago, but Liz started posting updates earlier this week.

'My 21-year-old nephew Miles Hurley was brutally attacked by four men in London on Thursday night', she wrote on Instagram soon after the incident. 'He was repeatedly stabbed and lost more than four pints of blood. A policeman was patrolling close by and administered first aid until the ambulance arrived. The deepest wound just missed severing his spine. By some miracle no vital organs were damaged. We are praying that these animals are caught before they maim, or even kill, someone else. These are sad days.'

She added on Twitter that 'police and hospital are being fantastic' and they are currenly appealing for witnesses. 'It is an appalling time for him and our family', she said.

Over the weekend, she updated fans with news of Miles' injuries and voiced her intention to start making the streets a safer place to be.

'His wound is shocking, he remains in great pain and he can hardly move, but he is slowly recovering', she said. 'My sister is an amazing mother and is looking after him and his friend - who was also stabbed.'

'We need to make our streets safer and I want to be part of the movement to achieve that. I hope you will join me.'

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Plus, today she shared news that police have some information regarding the attack, describing the main suspect as 'white or mixed race, aged early to mid-20s, 6ft tall, of large build and with a shaved head and stubble'. His passengers were apparently 'young black men' and police are appealing to anyone who may have seen a beige Fiat 500 or a black hatchback driving dangerously around that area.