Elizabeth Hurley was ''in a constant low-level panic'' at the start of lockdown.

The 55-year-old star admits she was struggling with her anxiety when the country went into lockdown as she struggled to cope with the fact that some events are ''out of her control''.

She said: ''Coping with the feeling that events are out of my control has been hard. I slept very badly at the beginning of lockdown and found myself up at dawn making to-do lists. I felt very anxious and in a constant low-level panic.''

And Elizabeth isn't enjoying being a ''homemaker'' for the eight people living with her amidst the current health crisis.

She shared: ''I've never had the opportunity to be a full-time 'homemaker' and now I know that while I can do it, I don't want to. There have been nine of us at my home for twelve weeks, three of whom are particularly vulnerable, so keeping them safe and fed has been top priority. It's more exhausting than going to work.''

The 'Royals' star is learning new cooking skills but she admits she's very ''bored'' by it all.

Speaking to The Times magazine, she added: ''Left to my own devices I'd live on bananas, tinned tuna and Ryvita. But we've sat en famille three times a day and eaten for England. I'm very bored with cooking. I would say that my cooking is competent but dull and my presentation is lamentable. I can't 'rustle up' or follow recipes if they're too cheffy. I can't cope with making gelées or emulsions - I'm more Delia, Nigella and Mary Berry.''