Elizabeth Hurley prefers being toned rather than thin.

The 48-year-old swimsuit designer credits daily power walks for her incredible figure and insists exercise is more important then diet to maintain a good body.

She said: ''It's more important to be toned that it is to be thin. Going for a fast walk every day really makes a difference to your legs and butt. Throw in some crunches and arm exercises and you can look like a goddess, even if you're a lot larger than sample size.''

But the British actress admits she usually watches what she eats before going on holiday and will never stop wearing a bikini.

She said: ''If I'm staying in, I'll skip dinner and just have a snack around 6pm. I'd definitely avoid salty foods and carbonated drinks.''

She added: ''Women of every age can wear a bikini, as long as they feel confident and have the right over-up handy. Look at Helen Mirren. She looked amazing.''