Elizabeth Hurley is attracted to men who work in a different field to her.

The 50-year-old actress, who was previously married to entrepreneur Arun Nayar and has dated the likes of cricketer Shane Warne in the past, has admitted she's more drawn to men who have ''expertise'' in an area other than showbiz.

Speaking to News.com.au, she said: ''I have always quite liked people who know things in a different field to me. I have always found that attractive.

''My husband Arun, for example, he went to Oxford where he did physics. He was a scientist, whereas I would have got one per cent in my physics and chemistry exams in school so it's very nice to me when someone has expertise in a different field to me. I quite like that.''

Although she has stunning good looks and a jaw-dropping body, the model doesn't date men who are particularly handsome because she thinks beauty comes from within.

She explained: ''What I have always found is that people you might not think are particularly good-looking when you first meet them, when you start to like them or love them, you always see a beauty in them.''

She added: ''It could be the distance between their nose and their lip, it could be the back of their head. You always find a beauty in something you like or love.''

Elizabeth, who is currently single, says there is only one man in her life at the moment and that's her son Damian, 13, whom she has with ex-boyfriend businessman, Steve Bing.