Elizabeth Hurley injured her back after falling in a ditch this weekend.

The 'Bedazzled' actress - who is currently dating Australian cricketer Shane Warne - was walking her dogs in the Gloucestershire countryside in South West England when the incident took place on Sunday (04.11.12), and felt so terrible she had to take super-strong pain killers belonging to Shane.

Writing on twitter yesterday, she said: ''Just back from dog walking & feeling a million times better for the fresh air.

''However, one wellington leaked and I have a soaking wet foot, plus I fell into a ditch. (sic)''

A few hours later, she wrote: ''My back killing me after, er, falling into that ditch. Rifling through @warne888's meds bag to nick his super strong pain killers... (sic)''

However, she was keeping herself busy by cuddling up with her dogs waiting for her boyfriend to return.

She said: ''Ooooooh 2 degrees in darkest Gloucs tonight. Luckily 4 dogs are snuggled up with me and @warne888 comes home soon.

''(And then the dogs will be banished to their baskets by the Big Blonde. Sob.) (sic)''