Review of Eliza Doolittle Album by Eliza Doolittle

London native Eliza Doolittle has steadily been building her reputation through 2010 with two top 40 singles, building on the success of her self-titled EP from last year. Now releasing her debut album, a summer of festival appearances will be followed by an autumn support slot with Paloma Faith.

Eliza Doolittle Eliza Doolittle Album

Those who have heard singles 'Skinny Genes' and 'Pack Up' will already be very familiar with the Doolittle formula of radio-friendly pop melodies backing her sweet vocals. Evident from opening tracks 'Moneybox' and the delightful 'Rollerblades', the hint of soul that infuses the songs pulls them away from being overly sweet, particularly on 'Missing' and the aching 'So High'. Such is the consistency of the record, any of the tracks would likely be hit singles, but over the length of an album they become quite suppressive. Like when you eat too many of your favourite sweets, they're too good to put down but you know you'll feel nauseated later. A little diversity would be welcome as the sugary tones become stifling and make the record on the whole a little too hard to digest in one 45 minute sitting.

Alex Lai


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