Actress Elisabeth Shue has heaped praise on her director husband for giving her and brother Andrew the courage to make a tribute movie to their dead sibling. The Shues lost brother Will 20 years ago, and have struggled to find closure since the tragedy - until filmmaker Davis Guggenheim encouraged them to turn their loss into a new film, and then directed it. Set in 1978, Gracie follows the story of a teenage girl, based on Elisabeth Shue, who attempts to overcome the loss of her brother by fighting to achieve her dream of playing competitive soccer. Shue says, "As a family, we really owe a lot to Davis Guggenheim, my husband, who was the one that helped us go a little closer to home and make it more authentic. "He did such a beautiful job that we would feel proud of the result." Brother Andrew, a former professional soccer star in the U.S., also credits Guggenheim with turning a family tragedy into a joyous celebration. He adds, "Davis saw that this could be a way to celebrate my sister and the experience she had playing soccer with boys... We finally got the guts up to do it, to talk about something that is very personal but in the end any time a family does something together it's really meaningful."