Elisabeth Moss thinks actors are like clowns.

The 'Mad Men' star doesn't believe there is much difference between the two professions because they are both ''super fun and ridiculous''.

She told The Daily Beast: ''I'm not the type of actor that thrives off of criticism, or being prodded in any negative way. I am not a Method actor; it's all pretend to me.

''I think acting is super fun and ridiculous, most of the time. The fact that anyone pays for this profession is incredible to me. It's not that far from being a sort of clown, so I don't think of it as that serious, frankly.''

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old beauty previously revealed Peggy, the character she played on the popular TV series for nine years, will always be a part of her even though their lives differ dramatically.

She explained: ''Peggy will always be part of me. Just like there's a lot of me in her. After nine years, she's almost like her own person. But when I did [miniseries] 'Top of the Lake,' I think I proved to myself that I could do other things, too ... I've got a little time left.

''I've never faced the kinds of challenges Peggy did. I grew up in a progressive family and I've worked with a lot of women who have been supportive. I think if I found myself in a situation where I were taken less seriously because I'm a woman, that would stop pretty quickly.''