Elisabeth Moss has described the end of 'Mad Men' as ''liberating''.

The actress played Peggy Olson in the period drama for all seven seasons of the show but admitted she is enjoying her new found ''freedom'' to take on new projects now the long-running programme has ended.

She said: ''Obviously I'm very sad that the show is ending, but at the same time, there is a massive silver lining to it.

''It's very liberating to be able to have the freedom, where I can go, 'Oh, yeah, I want to work with this filmmaker. Let's collaborate on something.''

Although the critically-acclaimed show is adored by audiences, the 32-year-old star confessed she doesn't expect it ever to return, but would ''never say never'' to the idea of bringing it back.

When asked about the prospect of a 10-year reunion, she told The Independent newspaper: ''I don't think so. I think we're big fans and I think Matt [Weiner, the show's creator] is a big fan of leaving the party while people still want you around. Of course, never say never, but I feel like we did what we wanted to do with that show. I can't believe it went as long as it did.

''It's fine to have a story that ends when it ends and let someone else come up with a new show that everyone loves.''