Elisabeth Hasselbeck has finally made her move to Fox chatshow, Fox & Friends, which aired this morning (16th September). Though the presenter was positive about her experiences on ABC's The View, she nestled right in on the curvy couch alongside Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade and got stuck into the morning's discussions.

Elisabeth hasselbeck
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has Made The Move From ABC To Fox.

Hasselbeck was warm about her experiences as a co-host on The View alongside Barbara Walters, saying that Walters is like "the best surgeon" which echoed back to her earlier comments where she said she was well-prepared to join F&F because she'd "attended the Barbara Walters School of Broadcasting and Journalism."

Though she clearly valued her time with Walters on The View, Elisabeth has admitted that it wasn't hard for her to accept the move to F&F. "I'm a long-time fan," she says. "My family watches them. I've feel like I've known them forever." In the promotional video heralding her move to the show, Elisabeth is heard saying that "Joining the Fox news family is the equivalent of growing up as a Red Sox fan....then been asked to play for the team...I'm thrilled."

The Fox & Friends Promo Advert For Elisabeth:

The conversation on the show moved from her past to the hot topic of the moment: the controversy surrounding the Miss America 2014 contest, specifically the disparity between the questions asked to the candidates. One contender was asked about their stance on the current issues surrounding Syria whilst the other was quizzed about Miley Cyrus' VMAs twerking and subsequent 'Wrecking Ball' video. "In defense...in our home, twerking is a weapon of mass destruction," Hasselbeck said. "I see nothing wrong."

Elisabeth replaces Gretchen Carlson as one third of the show's hosting powers. Carlson, who joined F&F in 2006 and was given a sheet cake upon her departure last Friday, will become host of a one hour daytime show on the cable news network.

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Elisabeth Fitted Right In On Fox & Friends.

It had been speculated that Hasselbeck's move to F&F would place her on a channel that was more in line with her own conservative morals. However, she has shaken the tag off: "Some outlets do that," she says. "What bothers me is that it's so one-sided. You almost never see 'wildly liberal' in front of someone's name. Any time you look at someone as a label, it's unfortunate. My friends don't all think the way I do - and that's perfectly fine."

Fox News executive Bill Shine jokingly called Hasselbeck a "survivor" after her rise to fame on the reality TV show. He added "She's very smart. She's very outgoing. She's a great on-air talent, a great personality and I think that will do very well for her in the morning," via The Huffington Post.

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Elisabeth & Her Husband, Tim.

Fox and Friends dominates cable in the mornings, with an average of 1.1 million viewers a day this year, according to Entertainment Weekly, which is an awful lot more than MSNBC's Morning Joe at 392,000 and CNN's New Day with 308,000.

Fox and Friends' new recruit will enjoy her first field trip this week: she'll be out and about with the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty.