Review of Come speak to me- Sony Music Entertainment Single by Elisa

Elisa - Come speak to me

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Elisa- Come speak to me- Sony Music Entertainment

Come speak to me

Sony Music Entertainment

When listening to this you will not be amazed by the lyrics but it's saved by the sound of Elisa's unique voice. Find her the right song and you’re onto a winner. A contrast between Dido and Alanis Morisette Elisa is the sensitive rock chick type. There’s a lot of emotion here and the girl is certain to get far on her self-belief.

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Its early days but already getting the good word spread around. Contained within her singing the power and confidence reaches out and puts itself across well. It's definitely a Friday night bottle of wine kind of record. With her new album you can expect more of the same but both higher and lower moments. This will appeal to most - not only love song softies. The mix on the single release provides an a groovier version while the original perhaps has a bit more edge.

Overall we haven't seen the best from Elisa…which is still to come.

Liam Golder