Elijah Wood and his fellow HOBBITS upset Lord Of The Rings director PETER JACKSON on the set of the film in Wellington, New Zealand, by urinating in his favourite fountain.

Wood and co-stars DOMINIC MONAHAN and Billy Boyd decided to clamber to the top of the bucket fountain in the town centre after a night spent drinking.

The actor says, "This fountain is made up of coloured buckets and the water comes down and falls from one bucket to the next bucket to the next, and it lands in this pool.

"But it doesn't actually work because all of the area around the fountain is sprayed with water as well. We thought it was poor engineering.

"So one particular drunken evening Dom, myself and Billy were walking home from a bar and we saw this fountain and Dom and I look at it and he says, 'We should conquer it, let's climb it.'

"So we climb the thing and once we got to the top, what else is there to do but urinate in it - and really show our disgust.

"Peter Jackson was very upset when he found out. He said, 'I grew up with that fountain.' I felt a bit bad after that."

05/12/2003 09:06