The moviemaker, whose new film centres upon a group of college students who travel to the Amazon in a bid to help save the rainforest, is teaming up with bosses at website Mongabay and charity fundraising platform Prizeo to help launch a journalism fund focusing on stories about threats the area and its people are facing, according to

The campaign will also provide funds to nonprofit organisations helping people in the Peruvian Amazon to protect the area.

Roth says, "I'm thrilled to be partnering with two terrific organisations that will help fans channel their goodwill towards helping the unprotected tribes of the Amazon in a truly effective way. Horror films have always provoked discussion by pointing out a social injustice in the world, and I made The Green Inferno to spark discussion and bring awareness to the devastation these tribes face at the hands of corporations."

He adds, "While my film is a work of fiction, sadly what is going on in the Amazon is all too real, and after we screened the film for Mongabay we all agreed that we could use the film's publicity to help connect fans with them and support the incredible work they're doing to help the rainforest and protect the people who live there peacefully."