Aftershock is the new movie written by Eli Roth – best known as the guy behind Hostel, Grindhouse and The Last Exorcism – and we reckon there’s going to be a whole bunch of gore and violence in this film that you’re not going to catch a glimpse of in the trailer. There’s a tell-tale clip of a woman poking her head above earth level, only – we presume – to bit by something… you don’t get to see it in the trailer, but we reckon the movie itself could be a touch more hard-hitting.

The movie is based on the real life events of the 8.8 earthquake in Chile in 2010. Though obviously, we’re getting the Hollywood treatment here. When the earthquake strikes, a group of travellers are revelling in a Chilean nightclub. However, the earthquake turns out to be just the start of their troubles. Early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes hint at a “gruesome finale” and is also described as a “blood soaked horror.” Ah – that would be that hidden gore that we don’t get to see in the trailer then.

In terms of thumbs up / thumbs down, the response to the movie is mixed. It’s scored an impressive 75% on the reviews site so far but that’s before the top professional critics have weighed in with their own opinions. Niche gore and horror movies don’t tend to fare so well in their hands, so that score could drop fairly rapidly. If you like a spot of bloodshed in your movies though, Aftershock could well be one to watch. 

Watch the trailer for Aftershock