Review of Zeroes and Ones Album by Eleventh Dream Day

Artist - Eleventh Dream Day
Album - Zeroes and Ones
Label - Thrill Jockey

Eleventh Dream Day Zeroes and Ones Album

Eleventh Dream Day have been around since 1983, when their alternative rock spirit and energy sounded as underground as the Ramones but with a fine sense for melodic layers that stood them in good stead for the cool crowd. Zeroes and Ones is something of a comeback, tenth, album for the band, after various members went on to form bands like Tortoise and Freakwater. In truth, the music hasn't moved on since the 1980s. That doesn't matter too much, as what the word wants has come around again to what Eleventh Dream Day always offered - guitars, songs and a chunk of passion. There is no Franz Ferdinand arch-ness about the guitars - just straightahead Pixies-like thrash and fire. Zeroes and Ones may be the band's finest album; it is certainly their most mature - the 20 years have honed the songwriting nicely.


Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials

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