British rock band Elbow have released their new music video for the track 'New York Morning'. The song, that is five and a half minutes long, is off their sixth studio album 'The Take Off And Landing Of Everything' which is slated to hit the stores on March 3rd.

British rock band Elbow

Although this track is the studio set's official single, it is the second song to be available, 'Fly Boy Blue/Lunette' was released as a digital download earlier this month on January 15th.

Elbow's new music video serves as a tribute to the notable elderly Brooklyn couple Dennis and Lois, who were also featured in a song by the Happy Monday's, as they have travelled all over the world together for concerts and other musical events since 1975.

The clip interviews both individuals, while the feel-good ballad plays in the background and subtitles appear to indicate what they say.

It features their extensive collections of memorabilia they have obtained over the years, which includes a lot of merchandise from The Ramones, one of their favourite bands.

Watch the 'New York Morning' video here

The purpose of featuring Dennis and Lois is because the video is paying homage to the old music scene in New York City and their unbreakable love of music, with Lois stating in the video, "That's what I do with my money. Buy gas and go and see music."

Towards the end of the clip Dennis notes, "This was where the music was, and this was where the intelligent people were, and this was just where life was. That's it. Most of the things we knew and loved are gone but we're still here."

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